Good old-fashioned common-sense dictates that it’s better to find out what somebody needs before you attempt to tell them how you can help solve their problems. Humans commit mistakes, but that should be followed by learning from them and not by engaging them again. This becomes more relevant when it comes to sales performance in Managed Service Providers.

Whether you have a small business or a larger one, here are the six common sales mistakes that most Managed Service Providers/salespersons make with some advice for avoiding them.

List Of Mistakes MSP Consistenly Make

Invest Time For Research

One of the most common sales mistakes by Managed Service Providers is they fail to research the needs of their clients. Invest the required time; during the sales meeting, know about the clients and their needs in depth beforehand to provide them with a proper solution in the sales meeting.

Understanding The Requirements

Many managed service providers fail to communicate correctly and even at the end of the meeting. They are not able to estimate their client’s requirements. The MSP suggests of having another meeting, and this approach is never practical or enough. Alternatively, get the questionnaire ready before meeting up the clients to get a clear picture of the requirements.

Avoid Beating Around The Bush

Sometimes, talking too much without a clear set of objectives doesn’t yield the desired results. Allow your client to speak and listen to them carefully. Make the desired changes, and measure the results, if it is not resulting as anticipated, revisit the strategies. This way, a managed service provider will know their pain points, and you’ll be able to come up with the most effective plan for the client.

No False Commitments – Have Written Financial Goals

It is fine to brag about the services, but it is wrong to provide the client with an unrealistic idea – tell them about your plan in terms of revenue, profits, and client numbers. Make sure you avoid this common sales mistake by keeping your clients well informed and prevent them from forming any false impression about your product. Once you’re sure your client is delighted, ask them for a referral. There’s nothing wrong in asking for it.

Stay Accountable

Don’t try to sell more products to boost sales aggressively, because top performers hold themselves accountable. Once you’re sure your client is delighted, ask them for a referral.

Consistency is Key

When the business is doing well, most managed service providers stop prospecting. They assume that their clients will bring them more business. If you want to boost sales, never do this. Keep prospecting every two weeks to get feedback and more referrals.