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Managed security services are often a lifeline for SMBs which can struggle to build their own, in-house IT teams.  Unfortunately, their quality can be variable, to put it mildly.  With that in mind, here’s a quick guide as to how to find the best security services in Sacramento CA.

1. Draw up an initial list of companies that meet your criteria

There are basically two parts to this exercise.  The first part is to check which companies say that they are capable of performing the services you need and want.  This, of course, means defining the services you need and want (and preferably prioritizing the latter).  The second part to check is whether or not the security services are actually in Sacramento CA (or at least near Sacramento CA) or if they just offer services in Sacramento CA.

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Think very carefully about whether or not you’re really happy to go with a non-local security service.  First of all, it will almost certainly mean either that the company only offers remote services or that on-site support will be very expensive.  Secondly, it could impact your ability to enforce the terms of your contract.  You can take it as read that a contract with an out-of-state provider will say that the courts in their state have jurisdiction over any disputes, which could put you at something of a disadvantage if you end up in a dispute situation.

2. Find out the details of their pricing structure and services

There are basically three ways of pricing managed IT services in general and security services in particular.  These are per user, per device, and on subscription.  They may go by various names, especially the last one, but that’s a general idea.  Per-user and per device are exactly what they sound like and for the most part, there’s likely to be little room for variation in the headline service.  The quality of delivery is another matter. 

Most SMBs, however, are probably going to be most interested in the subscription services.  These are usually offered in various tiers, each tier carrying different levels of benefits and usually offering the option to add on extra services as needed/wanted.  Price isn’t everything, but clarity on pricing is very important.  Basically, you need to be able to compare headline prices on a like-for-like basis and that starts with understanding what’s included in them.

Regarding services, you want information on matters such as SLAs, response times, and what metrics they use to measure their performance.  Now could also be a good time to get information on their accreditations and any guarantees/warranties they offer.

3. Use this information to create a shortlist and undertake the initial vetting

Assuming you’ve already checked that the security services are in Sacramento CA (or at least near Sacramento CA), your next point to check is how long they’ve been in business.  In some cases, this may be all you need to know for the time being.  If a company has been in business for at least a decade or so, then it’s a good sign that they know how to manage its money, its staff, and its customers.  The shorter a company’s history, the more questions you need to ask to be comfortable about its financial stability.  Look for public filings and information about management and any key employees. 

Undertaking this process now may seem like it’s getting ahead of yourself a bit, but it will save you asking and sending in requests for proposals and interview invitations to companies that would have quickly emerged as unsuitable had you undertaken this process earlier.

This might also be a good time to take a look at a security service’s experience with SMBs and/or your niche (preferably and).

4. Request a proposal from at most 10 candidates

At this point, 10 is a limit, not a target.  Creating tailored proposals takes effort and it is unfair to ask a security services company to do so just to make up some kind of internal quota.  It’s also a waste of your time reading proposals just so you can say you have.  Stick to securities services that genuinely look like they could be a good fit and take the time to read through their proposals thoroughly.

5. Interview at most 5 candidates

Similar comments apply here but even more so.  You are not just taking someone away from their other work, you are holding out the prospect of winning a contract and it is unfair to do this if you have no real intention of hiring them.

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