Best VoIP Service Davis

Choosing the best VoIP service in Davis

If you’re an SMB and you’re still using the old telephone system, you probably want to migrate to a VoIP service as soon as possible. You may, however, be confused about how to go about making this happen. The first step is to upgrade your network connection to (at least) the minimum requirements, or, to look for VoIP hosting. The second step is to choose the best VoIP service vendor for your company. Here is a quick guide to choosing the best VoIP service in Davis.

Best VoIP Service Davis

Steps to choose the best VoIP service

Start by taking a look at what you actually get from your current network(s)

Most SMBs probably have a combination of landline phones and cell phones. Depending on your sector, you may also have some fax machines. These will typically be on the same network as your regular landline phones. You need to look at the complete package you get from each of these providers, then think about what it actually means to you in practical terms. Necessary (and preferably desirable) features need to be maintained either as they are or through VoIP, anything else is negotiable.

For clarity, the term “the complete package” means exactly that. For example, while you may think of your landline phones as being only for calls, even they probably have some extra functionality such as voicemail. Cell phones will support text messages and data Your provider(s) may also have different but related services bundled as part of the deal. For example, your landline network may also supply your internet connection and maybe even a TV service. You need to think about anything which could be lost when you terminate/change your contracts.

Take a close look at your active usage

Active usage means what your staff actually do with the provided services. This is where you need to get into the specifics, especially with phone calls because it can influence your choice of VoIP service vendor and will certainly influence your choice of VoIP calling plan. Remember to look at your usage throughout the year (in fact ideally over two or three years) to check whether or not there is a pattern of behavior. Also, think about anything which might change your pattern of usage.

VoIP and fax machines

Depending on your industry, support for faxes might be completely irrelevant or totally crucial. If it’s the latter, here’s what you need to know in brief. Traditional faxes work require telephone lines and hence will not work with VoIP. You can, however, implement Fax over IP, which basically replicates fax functionality but works through the internet. This is reliable and very secure, particularly if you use encryption. It also eliminates the problem of incoming faxes potentially being left lying around for anyone to read.

If you work in extremely sensitive environments then you might want to retain a small number of traditional fax machines, but at this point, their use should normally be the exception rather than the rule.

Think about what advanced functions you might need or want

Many SMBs will be perfectly happy with basic calling services, at least in the early days. In fact, this is often a great way to start your VoIP journey as it makes for the quickest, simplest, and lowest-cost implementations and gets you saving money quickly. It is, however, worth thinking about whether or not you’d eventually like to use some more advanced functions as this may influence your choice of VoIP service provider.

Create a shortlist of the best VoIP service providers in Davis

You’re looking for vendors who can offer the functionality you need and provide guarantees regarding the quality and security of their service. You also want a VoIP service provider who can demonstrate a clear understanding and appreciation of your business.

While there is a certain level of crossover between the needs of SMBs and the needs of enterprise customers, there are also many significant differences. Some VoIP service providers have the breadth of knowledge and experience to support companies of all sizes. This could be very useful to SMBs with ambitious plans for VoIP, but you want to avoid VoIP service providers who are really focused on the enterprise market.

Analyze their calling plans (and other pricing)

Only once you have found a shortlist of vendors with whom you’d be happy to work should you start looking at pricing. Given that calls will almost certainly still be the main function of your VoIP system, it’s reasonable to spend most of your time looking at who can offer the best deal on calls for your predicted usage pattern. Just remember to factor in the costs of any other services you need or want to use so you see the full picture.

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