Best VoIP Service Lodi

A quick guide to choosing the best VoIP service in Lodi

If you’re planning on implementing a VoIP service, then it’s advisable to choose your VoIP service vendor with great care. They will play a crucial role in making VoIP work for your organization. With that in mind, here is a quick guide to choosing the best VoIP service in Lodi.

Best VoIP Service Lodi

Requirements To Choose Best VoIP Service

Decide if you need a VoIP service vendor to manage your network infrastructure

Implementing VoIP places strenuous demands on network infrastructure. This means that most SMBs are going to need to add significant capacity to their network. There are basically three ways of going about this. One is for a company to do it themselves. One is for a company to organize managed hosting separately to its VoIP service contract and one is for a company to look for a VoIP service vendor who also offers VoIP hosting.

Decide what VoIP services you need/want now and in the immediate future

For most SMBs, the sensible approach is to start small and scale up incrementally. This allows them to start benefiting from savings on call-costs (and possibly fax costs), while they allow the initial implementation to be absorbed by the company until it becomes business as usual. They can then decide if they want to move forward at all and, if so, at what pace.

It is, however, often helpful to have at least an idea of what you want to do in the future, as this may influence your choice of VoIP service vendor. For example, if you feel that all you really want is basic calling services and perhaps a bit of advanced functionality, then you don’t need to worry if a potential VoIP service vendor can support Unified Communications in large-scale contact centers. On the other hand, if you’re interested in pushing VoIP as far as it can go, then you need a VoIP service vendor with the skill to support you.

Decide if you want to implement Fax over IP as well

Fax over IP, often known as efax or virtual fax, is now both reliable and secure to the point where it can generally be used even in regulated industries. In fact, it’s arguably more secure than traditional faxes because the documents are only printed if the recipient specifically requests it. This also reduces costs even further and also lightens the burden on the environment. For many modern companies, however, especially SMBs, the biggest win with fax over IP is the office space you can reclaim.

Although Fax over IP is, technically, different from VoIP, the two services are natural partners and as such are often implemented in tandem. Most vendors who support VoIP will also support Fax over IP but there are a few vendors which specialize in one or the other.

Decide what equipment users will need and how you want to purchase it

Many VoIP service vendors will offer softphones as part of their service package. These can be a perfectly reasonable solution, but there are a couple of important points to note. Firstly, users need to be able to see the softphone alongside any other apps they use with it. Secondly, most users are going to need headsets to use softphones effectively and there will be a cost for this as well as a need for a place to put the headset when it’s out of use.

Adding these facts together with the fact that softphones require decent hardware to run and you can see that softphones may be a great solution if you already have computers with large monitors and at least mid-range mobile devices. If, however, you don’t then the cost of upgrading them is likely to be much higher than just buying VoIP handsets.

VoIP handsets, by contrast, take up desk space, but they are easy to see, easy to answer, and easy to use in general as they look and feel just like regular phones. You can buy them upfront or you can look for VoIP service vendors who will offer VoIP handsets as part of a service contract.

Decide your minimum service standards

Before you even look at a VoIP service vendor’s range of calling plans, make sure that they can offer the standards of service you need in business. This means guaranteeing a certain level of uptime and call quality, along with appropriate security and compliance. Remember that data-privacy laws are getting tighter all the time. It’s also important that they can demonstrate a good attitude toward service and support, particularly towards companies of a similar size and industry.

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