Best VoIP Service Sacramento

Choosing the best VoIP service in Sacramento

These days SMBs are much less likely to need guidance on the benefits of VoIP. It’s now common knowledge that VoIP offers high-quality calls at low prices and access to advanced functionality. They may, however, feel very confused about how to go about choosing the best VoIP service for their needs. With that in mind, here is a quick guide to choosing the best VoIP’s service in Sacramento.

Best VoIP Service

Start by analyzing your current usage

Your current usage will give you a baseline for deciding on your needs. In some cases, just replicating your existing phone system will be enough, at least for now. It’s usually a sensible way to start. You can then think about whether you can identify any additional needs for the present and/or for the foreseeable future. When thinking about this, be clear about what are needs and what are wants.

Be cautious about implementing video calling

There are three reasons why you should be cautious about implementing video calling. The first is that it is likely to increase your implementation cost. The second is that it is likely to increase your ongoing costs and the third is because it raises additional security issues. The first two points are related to the fact that video-calling requires substantially more bandwidth than audio-only calls (as in a minimum of three times more and that’s for extremely basic quality). The third is partly to do with bandwidth and partly to do with the visual aspect of the call or use of the Best VoIP Service.

Many SMBs have an occasional need, or strong want, for video-calling but can live without it most of the time. If this sounds like you, then you might want to think about investing in the necessary extra equipment (cameras and microphones) but keeping video calls to a minimum and scheduling them when your network is likely to be quiet.

Decide what type of VoIP service vendor you need

VoIP services can be roughly divided into four niches. These are SMBs, enterprises, unified communications, and contact centers. There is some degree of overlap, for example, SMB-focussed Best VoIP Service may still include video-calling even though it’s technically part of unified communications.

Some VoIP service vendors are big enough to cover all four areas, at least to some extent, while others will specialize in one of them. Bigger isn’t necessarily better, it is, however, important that your vendor can support all the VoIP functions you’re likely to need and ideally the VoIP functions you want as well.

Shortlist your vendors and look at their terms of service

In short, you’re looking for a vendor that is prepared to back the quality and security of their service with meaningful, legally-enforceable guarantees. You’re highly unlikely to find any vendor who will give a 100% guarantee, but you should certainly be looking at the high nineties.

You’re also looking for evidence of a commitment to customer service. This is usually a mixture of self-service offerings plus human support. It’s important to be clear on exactly what human support you can expect and when it is available. For example, 24/7 customer service means (or should mean) exactly that. It does not mean that a vendor’s technical team is guaranteed to be available 24/7. It doesn’t even mean that you will be able to contact the customer service team by phone 24/7, just that you will have some way of getting hold of them.

If you’re planning on using VoIP extensively, then it might be useful to have a dedicated account manager. It’s their job to help customers find the best solutions for their needs, albeit from the vendor’s range. On the point, it is advisable to check the procedure for changing service packages with the same vendor and for leaving that vendor completely.

Only look at calling plans from VoIP service vendors which look like a good fit

Even though the opportunity for making cost savings is one of the main drivers behind the adoption of VoIP (both in the consumer world and in the business world), it should usually be the last factor you consider when choosing a Best VoIP Service vendor. In other words, you should only be looking at calling plans offered by vendors with which you are confident you’d be happy to work.

That said, most businesses, especially SMBs, will almost certainly be looking to save as much money as possible on their communications, and getting the right calling plan is fundamental to making this happen. In short, you generally want to get a subscription that covers your regular communications and look for reasonable prices on services you’re likely to use on an ad hoc basis.

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