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Why Do We Need Cloud Data Backup In Davis?

Backing up data to the cloud has solved a lot of the headaches associated with backing up data to physical media. It eliminates the need to transport and store physical devices and makes it possible to restore them quickly without needing to access your main working location. Here is what you need to know about cloud data backup in Davis.

Characteristics Of Cloud Data Backup

1. Cloud data backup is different from cloud storage, cloud archiving, and cloud disaster recovery

Cloud data backup is basically when you take a snapshot of your data and upload it to the cloud so that you can recover from it if the need arises. You obviously need some level of cloud storage for your cloud backups, but the term “cloud storage” tends to be applied to the cloud equivalent of network drives, which can be used to save specific files as the user decides.

Cloud archiving relates to the saving of specific files, because they may be needed in the future, usually for compliance reasons (e.g. tax documents). Cloud disaster recovery will include cloud backups but will also have much more such as operating systems, application software, drivers, and utilities.

2. Cloud data backup is the modern twist on the old 3-2-1 system

The long-established 3-2-1 strategy for data backups still holds good in the modern “cloud-first” world. You have the production copy of your data plus your “on-site” backup in your main cloud and then you use cloud-to-cloud back up to give you your third copy on a second medium, which is also counted as your “off-site” copy as it is on a different cloud.

Cloud Data Backup Davis

3. Cloud data backup can be very cost-effective

One of the major selling points of cloud services is that they are often very cost-effective. It is, however, important to remember that the onus is on you to keep on top of your usage. For example, if you just keep taking backup after backup, you can easily end up with a whole lot of dormant data which just takes up storage space for which you are paying. You, therefore, need to have a strategy for identifying this data and either deleting it or moving it to archive.

4. Cloud data backup can be done from and/or to public clouds

If you’re already in a public cloud, then it is strongly advisable to backup your data to another cloud, so that you have a Plan B in case anything happens to your main public cloud platform or (probably the more likely threat, at least if you go with a reputable provider) your data is erroneously deleted (through accident or malice).

Be aware that the automatic backups taken by many public cloud platforms are very different from the backups taken in other situations in that the backups are usually automatically deleted when the production copy is deleted. There are some twists on this, especially in consumer-facing platforms such as Google Drive, but these tend to be the exception rather than the rule.

There is, however, nothing to stop you from backing up from one public cloud to another. You could also back up from a private cloud to a public cloud, assuming that the public cloud could provide the necessary level of security. Even if the data was sensitive, it might be possible to store it in a public cloud provided that it was kept encrypted from the moment it left the private cloud, in other words including during storage. Alternatively, you could backup to another private cloud (or use a combination of both).

5. Legally and ethically, you remain responsible for the security of your data

The importance of this point cannot be overestimated. You are responsible for any sensitive data you hold and this includes any sensitive data relating to your own employees. You, therefore, need to ensure that any cloud data backup partner you choose can fulfill any necessary legal/compliance obligations on your behalf. You also need to ensure that you can actually hold them to any contractual requirements.

For this reason, if you’re looking for cloud data backup in Davis, it can make a lot of sense to give preference to cloud data backup vendors in Davis, or at least near Davis, as opposed to cloud data backup vendors who offer services in Davis but who are actually located elsewhere, even if their security, in general, appears to check all the right boxes.

Not only will this make it easier to keep in touch with them (and to hear what is being said about them even if it doesn’t make it onto the internet), but it will also help to keep everyone on the same legal page and ensure that any disputes between you will come under the jurisdiction of your own local courts/regulators.

If you’d like to speak to a reputable and experienced cloud data backup vendor in Davis, please click here now to contact Aperio.IT.

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