Cloud IT services and hosting gives your organization the ultimate flexibility of IT on demand.

Here Are Some Perks Of A Cloud IT Hosted Desktop:

By utilizing a Cloud IT solution your organization is not tied to the capital cost of purchasing its servers nor the soft costs of maintaining that environment, such as software upgrades. Aperio IT also provides your organization with IT expertise to help you design, implement, and maintain your hosted cloud. This will also allow
your organization to save on operational costs because you will not have to hire an IT professional to be on-staff full time. Further, when your organization grows Aperio IT has the ability to add more resources on the fly to increase performance or accommodate growth on your Cloud-IT hosted servers or Cloud-IT hosted desktops and help meet new demands for your company. Having your organization’s Cloud-IT hosted with Aperio IT also means that if a disaster strikes, your data, and Cloud-IT hosted
servers are safe in our data center. These benefits will allow your organization to have a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Cloud-IT hosting effectively removes the need that your organization might otherwise have for large servers. Servers and the maintenance of your servers can be incredibly expensive. Another consideration in terms of cost reductions is that Cloud IT hosting reduces your need to purchase potentially costly software upgrades.
Aperio IT will shoulder all of the costs to ensure that your dedicated servers are up-to-date and that the version of the application you are using is the most recent.

Cloud-IT hosting also means that your organization doesn’t have the need to have as much hardware on-site which can also result in not needing to hire dedicated IT staff, which will decrease your organization’s overall operational costs.

As your organization demands more performance or simply grows, Aperio IT will be able to add on extra processing power, extra RAM, and extra storage. This means that when you are looking into the costs of Cloud-IT hosting, you can invest in packages that offer your organization just enough resources for now, and then scale resources up or down later on as demand increases or decreases. This type of flexibility can also offer your organization the potential for significant savings.

Another key benefit of Cloud IT hosting is that we have exceptional disaster recovery services in place. This means that if your organization experiences a disaster, your applications and data will still be accessible from our data center from anywhere. On the user end, you may experience nothing more than a brief delay logging into your Cloud IT solution. If an end-user deletes a file or there is some file corruption, Aperio ITs IT professionals will be able to recover those files for your
end-user in a very short period of time after notification of the missing or corrupt files.

Aperio IT provides some definite benefits to Cloud-IT hosting for organizations of all sizes. It is worth taking the time to consider just how Cloud-IT hosting can make a positive difference in your organization’s ability to be efficient in all areas of professional excellence. You’ll see an increase in productivity, a decrease in
IT expenses, and an increase in operational flexibility.

The counterintuitive nature of the Cloud IT hosted desktop computing model is probably the only aspect of the technology that users will need to adjust to. To operate a traditional desktop operating system, end-users physically plug their keyboard, mouse, and monitor into a PC tower. The operating system (OS) resides on the hard drive of the PC hardware. The computer provides all of its own processing and storage resources, and the end-users monitor, peripherals, PC, and operating system all share some direct physical connection and proximity.

However, with Cloud, IT-hosted desktops not all of these elements have direct connections and may not be located in the same area. Your organization’s Cloud-IT hosted desktops reside on the Could IT hosted servers at our data center. Using a PC or other end-user devices, your end-user connects to his or her Cloud IT hosted desktop via the internet. Remarkably, these desktops appear and perform the same as a locally installed desktop operating system.

How is this possible? The only data sent over the internet between the user and the hosted desktop are keystrokes, mouse movements, and the images destined for the end-users monitor. The files remain on the hosted server with the hosted desktop. The blazing processing speeds of these servers compensate for the extra time and distance that the transferable data has to travel. Your end-user is able to access these hosted desktops from anywhere that has an internet connection.

The performance and appearance of Cloud-IT hosted desktops and locally-installed operating systems are virtually identical. Our hosted desktops support any Windows-compatible applications and work the same as their on-premise counterparts. The process of accessing our Cloud IT-hosted desktop isn’t hard either. End-users can log in to it via a portal on their organization’s intranet or set it up as a shortcut on the local desktop of their device.

Your organization’s end-users won’t have much difficulty adjusting to the benefits of Cloud-IT-hosted desktops.

Here are some Perks of a Cloud-IT-hosted desktop:

Higher availability and mobility: Your organization’s end-users can access their Cloud-IT hosted desktops, which include all their emails, applications, and files, from anywhere with any web-enabled device.

Better security: Your organization’s end-users can access the files and applications of a Cloud-IT hosted desktop but can’t transfer them to their devices, improving your security. The data of the Cloud-IT hosted desktops always remains on Aperio ITs hosted servers, where it remains under the protection of watchful and experienced
IT professionals with advanced antivirus and intrusion detection tools.

Lower costs: By utilizing Cloud IT hosted desktops your organization will not have to purchase or maintain any expensive on-site IT hardware. Your organization’s end-users will not require high-powered PCs or laptops and with the movement of BYOD (bring your own device), your organization may not have to provide any end-user
with an end device.

Does this scenario sound familiar? Your organization’s servers are getting old. End-users have noticed your system is sluggish and it is affecting efficiency in your organization. Your end-users have uttered several complaints about the system and perhaps its reliability too. Your IT support company has done all that it can do to keep the aging system plodding along. The warranty on your server has expired and cannot be extended. Your organization is now at a greater risk of an outage. At
times like this, it’s an appropriate time for you to consider all of your available options.

The average industry standard lifespan for a server is only three years. Beyond this time frame, problems typically start to occur and reliability begins to deteriorate. Factors such as server type, environment, usage, etc. can impact server life. It may be that a server hardware upgrade can solve your performance issues at a fraction of the price of a new server. However, not all systems are upgradable. Additionally, new servers may have enhanced capabilities that will allow your business to expand its offering or significantly reshape your computing requirements. Data storage is growing at unprecedented levels and software requires more storage capability and processing power. So, do you take the plunge and re-invest in a more powerful, up-to-date server or join the growing number of organizations that have opted to use a Cloud-IT computing solution?

As you are probably aware, on-site hardware is expensive and can fail, despite having a robust IT support contract behind it. There are also soft costs (such as software upgrades) that your organization is subject to pay as well. These are some of the many reasons why many organizations are opting for Cloud IT server hosting.

Aperio IT’s Cloud-IT hosted server solution provides an element of flexibility, which can save on IT costs and increase efficiency with result in higher revenues. A further benefit is that a Cloud-IT hosted server solution is scalable, so you can add users to the system as you grow. Your organization is therefore investing in a highly secure, almost infinite amount of storage, and processing space. and power, without the need to consider further reinvestment in another five years when you are next the server would already virtually be at the end of its life.

Migrating to the Cloud-IT hosted server solution allows you to access your entire system using the Cloud IT hosted desktops from wherever you are in the world, provided you have internet access. This may be from a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, or even another computer, and is ideal if you have employees working in the field or traveling frequently around the world.

As you would expect, because you can access your entire system from literally anywhere, security is an important feature of the Cloud-IT hosted server. Your organization’s servers are stored in our data center which has card-access-only doors, video cameras, and locked cages. Our IT professionals are constantly monitoring and analyzing data traffic to detect cyber-attacks and intruders. Aside from the security element, your data is backed up to other servers in the Cloud. Compare this to a server on your premises and to where your data is currently backed up. What would happen if your building caught fire? Would all your data be lost? Cloud IT hosted servers undertake multiple backups; therefore, your data is stored in numerous places to mitigate this risk.

Aperio IT can help your organization design, set up, and maintain a customized, reliable, and secure Cloud-IT hosted server farm that will give your organization the competitive edge. The solution will save your organization capital and soft costs compared to the cost of an on-premise solution. Cloud-IT hosted server solutions can be tailored to meet an individual organization’s needs For example, depending on budget, scale, etc., you could consider a solution with several hosted servers that
provide different roles for your organization’s end-users.

Reduce and eliminate the hardware, software, installation, maintenance, security, and support costs of your desktops and servers without changing the way you work.
Your entire office can be securely accessed from any desktop or end-user device with an internet connection, with the same privileges and permissions you specify.
Connect branch offices and individual users without the expense of wide-area networking (WAN) or virtual private networks (VPN). Eliminate the office. Why have an expensive lease for office space when everyone could work from home?

What is Office Cloud IT Hosting?

Aperio IT’s Office Cloud-IT solution combines our Cloud IT desktop and Cloud-IT services solutions. Your organization’s entire office is hosted regardless of end-user locations. Installing and maintaining separate desktops for an entire office is even more complex when users have the ability or need to work from anywhere.
Traditionally, users have almost unlimited ability to install or remove the software. Information technology departments have therefore often used Terminal Services, Citrix, and VMWare to provide stable, locked-down office environments to the user, who could be either using a regular desktop PC, or a small, quiet, and robust thin client.

Office Cloud-IT hosting provides many of the advantages of a terminal server while giving users much more flexibility. End-users are allowed to access corporate information but are generally not allowed to install and configure their applications. End-users also gain the ability to access their Cloud IT desktops from other locations without the data itself leaving the Office Cloud.

Benefits of Cloud-IT Office Hosting

  1. Significant reduction of IT costs
  2. Significant reduction of hardware costs
  3. Significant reduction of Wide Area Networks costs
  4. Significant reduction in the cost of application deployment
  5. Near-instant provisioning of new desktops
  6. Near-instant provisioning of new servers
  7. Near-zero downtime in the event of hardware failures
  8. Robust desktop image management capabilities
  9. Normal 2-3 year PC refresh cycle extended to 56 years or more
  10. Existing desktop-like performance includes multiple monitors, bi-directional audio/video, streaming video, USB support, etc.
  11. Ability to access a user enterprise desktop environment from any PC, including the employee’s home PC
  12. Desktop computing power on demand
  13. Centralized Security and Permissions to all sensitive office information
  14. Multiple desktops on demand