Cloud Security Services In Sacramento

As the popularity of cloud services continues to grow, so too does the need to manage them effectively. For some companies, this will mean in a manner that is compliant with one or more data-protection programs. Even when it does not, it should still mean in a way that would meet with the approval of competent auditors and, arguably, more importantly, an organization’s customers.

The basic challenge of managing security in the cloud

Cloud adoption has created a somewhat ironic scenario. On the one hand, one of the major factors behind the adoption of the cloud is the fact that it can lower, if not eliminate, the need to recruit and retain in-house IT staff. On the other hand, the cloud does not reduce the need for standard IT tasks to be performed, although it can change the approach to them. This means that IT staff are needed to perform them and hence raises the specter of the sort of recruitment and retention headaches companies were hoping to avoid by adopting the cloud.

Managed cloud security services can be a convenient and effective solution

For many companies, especially SMBs, the way to square this circle is to use cloud security services. These are essentially managed IT security services but in a cloud environment. Deployed effectively, they can go a long way to compensating for the security issues raised by using public cloud service and/or ensuring that a private cloud is as secure as it ought to be.

Cloud Security Services in Sacramento

Quick guide as to how to choose the right cloud security services in Sacramento, CA

Define your needs and wants

If you are using a public cloud service then, in principle, your cloud service provider will be responsible for protecting you from all external threats, while you will be responsible for managing threats from within your organization. This means that, technically, you may only need to manage cloud security as it relates to how your staff uses a cloud service.

In practice, however, it may be reassuring for companies to duplicate the sort of security checks that their CSP is performing, if only so that they get full visibility of the results. For some companies, this may strictly be speaking, be a want rather than a need, but it may well be a high-priority want. For other companies, it may be a need to satisfy compliance programs and/or auditors.

1. Compile a long list of potential candidates

When compiling your initial list of cloud security services in Sacramento, CA, it’s a good idea to double-check the business’ physical address to make sure that it is in Sacramento, CA. This will quickly filter out all the cloud security companies which are just offering services in Sacramento, CA without actually having a physical or legal presence in the area.

This may seem to quibble but there are two very good reasons for sticking with local cloud security services. First of all, you want to be able to communicate easily with your chosen cloud security service so that they become genuine business partners rather than just vendors. Secondly, you want all your interactions with them to be governed by your local laws and hence fall under the jurisdiction of your local courts.

2. Check the overall health of any potential cloud security services provider

This may seem like putting the cart before the horse, but in fact, it can be a useful time-saving measure. You don’t need to do full due diligence at this point, you just want to filter out any companies which have obvious red flags.

Often the quickest and easiest way to do this is to check how long they have been in business. If a company is well established, then it’s a good sign that it knows what it’s doing. For companies that have not been in business long, see if the management team has a track record of success in a similar field. If they do, then it may well be worth investigating what the company has to offer (especially if they can display credibility in the form of accreditations and/or industry partnerships). If they don’t, however, it’s probably safest to move on.

3. Run a standard recruitment process to select a cloud security services provider

From this point on, you’re running a standard vendor recruitment process, but you need to take it as seriously as the recruitment process for hiring a senior executive in your company as that is the sort of level of importance a good cloud security services provider in Sacramento, CA can have for your organization.

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