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In principle, you should never be in a position where you need to worry about recovering data from your storage media. You should always have everything backed up and/or archived and your backups/archives should always be easily accessible.

In practice, life doesn’t work like that and there’s probably going to be at least the odd occasion when you need to recover your data in challenging circumstances. This is when a good computer data recovery service can be invaluable and with that in mind, here is a guide as to how to choose the right computer data recovery service in Sacramento CA.

What do you know about data recovery services?

→ First of all, be clear about what you mean by computer data recovery service

Computer Data Recovery Services

There are two main types of data recovery. One type relates to storing your data in a way that means it can be easily recovered if you need it. This is typically offsite storage in either the cloud or an offline vault (or both). The other relates to recovering data from storage media, usually hard drives. Although people still refer to computer data recovery services, in fact, these days, businesses are probably more likely to need data recovered from servers than from desktop computers.

→ Secondly, check where the work will be done

What you want is a data recovery service in Sacramento CA rather than a data recovery service that has a drop-off point in Sacramento CA. There are two main reasons for this. First of all, items in transit are always more vulnerable than items in a secure location.

This is particularly relevant given that there is a good chance you are looking for a data recovery service in Sacramento CA because a hard drive has been damaged in some way and you need to recover the data from it. You want to avoid the damage getting any worse. You also want to minimize the opportunity of the hard drive (and its data) being stolen as any data which is worth the effort of recovering may also be worth the effort of stealing.

You also want to ensure that you have effective legal recourse against the data recovery service and that is another argument for choosing a data recovery service in Sacramento CA. In the event of any dispute, local courts will have jurisdiction.

→ Thirdly, confirm the conditions in which the work will be done

There is a reason why people talk about data recovery labs. Data recovery work has to be undertaken in highly sterile conditions, which can be demonstrated by ISO 5 Cleanroom certification. For completeness, ISO 1 Cleanroom is the highest certification so anything through to ISO 5 Cleanroom is good, but ISO 5 Cleanroom is the industry standard.

This is part of the reason why they are so expensive to run and hence why you want to be very suspicious about any company which claims to have multiple labs throughout the country or even throughout the state. It simply wouldn’t be economical for that reason alone. Added to this, there is a high need for security, both in terms of protecting against theft and in terms of protecting environmental issues. Part of this involves vetting staff thoroughly and that adds to the complexity of recruiting them as skilled staff in this area are always in high demand.

→ Fourthly, confirm the process and billing policy

What you want is to be able to take or send in your hard drive for a free diagnosis and quote. The quote should specify how much of the data the company thinks it can recover and in what time frame (there may be a choice depending on how much you are able/willing to pay). Ideally, you want a guarantee that you will only be charged if the company can recover your data and that there will be a cap on what you can be charged.

You want to avoid companies that will “have a go” and then charge you regardless of the outcome. You must filter out these companies early in the proceedings because in data recovery your first shot is your best shot. After that, your chances go down. What this means in practice is that if you choose the wrong company, to begin with, getting it to the right one later probably isn’t going to do much good if any.

→ Fifthly, check the company’s background

Although all hard drives may look much the same on the outside, on the inside, there are significant differences between them. This means that the same underlying issue may require very different treatment depending on what, specific, hard drive you use. In other words, experience counts.

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