How To Get Data Backup and Recovery Service in Sacramento CA?

How to choose the right data backup and recovery service in Sacramento CA?

Data Backup and Recovery Services

These days data must rank just behind cash as the life-blood of any modern business. There are all kinds of reasons why it’s important to manage it properly. In many cases, the law is just one of them. Keep reading to get Data Backup and Recovery Service in Sacramento CA.

Even with the best processes and infrastructure in place, accidents can happen and you may find yourself needing to recover data from a backup or a failed storage medium. If you do, then it’s really important to entrust the task to the right company. With that in mind, here’s a quick guide to help you choose the right data backup and recovery service in Sacramento.

1. Make sure that any service you choose actually is in Sacramento CA

This may sound harsh, but now and probably going forward, regulatory compliance and the law should be at the forefront of your mind in anything to do with data. If you stick with a local data backup and recovery service in Sacramento CA then everybody is on the same legal page.

This can put you in a much stronger position than dealing with out-of-state vendors as any service contract usually mandates that disputes are resolved under the vendor’s local law and in their courts. As a minimum, this can put you in substantial inconvenience. At worst, it can make it effectively impossible for you to pursue legal action and might expose you to sanctions from regulators and/or local lawmakers.

2. Make sure that any service you choose operates appropriate security

Basically, any service which is getting any sort of access to your data needs to be able to treat it at least as securely as you do. The specifics of this may vary according to what exactly you want from your data backup and recovery service, but the basic principle applies universally. It essentially revolves around robust physical and digital security and effective hiring practices (and staff training).

3. Be clear about what, exactly, you need from a data backup and recovery service

First of all, you need to define your needs and wants and then you may need to think about whether or not you want to find one, single data backup and recovery service in Sacramento which can cover them all or if you’re prepared to divide your custom.

There are two particularly important points you’re going to need to cover early. The first is whether you want data backup, data archiving, or both. The second is what your data recovery needs could potentially be.

4. Data backup versus data archiving

Data backups are basically snapshots of your data which are usually taken to allow you to restore your data “as is” in the event of some kind of failure, be it infrastructure or process. Data archives are basically “cold storage” for data. They tend to be used for data you need to keep for compliance/legal reasons but which you know will you will not need to access quickly. These days, data backups are usually done via the cloud, and data archives may be done via the cloud. There are, however, other options, especially for data archiving, such as using hard drives.

5. Defining your data recovery needs

Data recovery is basically what you need when you have data on a storage medium, often but not necessarily a hard drive, and need to get it off, but are unable to do so through standard means. Companies with in-house IT teams may be able and willing to try using software tools to recover the data, but even this should be done with caution. Basically, when it comes to data recovery, your first shot is usually your best shot, in fact, it may be your only shot, so it’s important not to waste it.

In other words, even if you think your data could be recovered through software tools, it may well be better just to hand the job over to the professionals. If it comes to opening up hard drives, then you definitely want to hand it over to the professionals.

You also need to be very clear about what sort of storage media you use and hence what sort of data backup and recovery service you’re likely to need. For example, you may have a mixture of traditional (mechanical) hard drives and more modern solid-state drives. You may also have a mixture of PC and Mac drives. These require different approaches to data recovery and hence you either need one data backup and recovery service with a broad range of skills or you need to find different vendors for different tasks.

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