Difference Between Managed and Unmanaged Switch

What are Network Switches? 

Difference between Managed And Unmanaged Switch, In business IT networks, switches are devices that allow businesses to connect devices with each other. With these, employees are able to connect with different computers, servers, printers, and other network devices.

There are two types of network switches. These are the managed switches and unmanaged switches. In this article, we will tackle the difference between managed and unmanaged switches.

What is a Managed Switch?

 Managed switches give users efficient ways to exchange information in a secure manner. These network switch type also enables system administrators to manage LAN traffic. Managed switches are also customizable. With that, users can configure it based on their preferences.

difference between managed and unmanaged switch

Here are some key benefits of using managed switches:

Benefit No. 1: Increased Security

 Managed switches offer users efficient security. This helps improve the protection of all your endpoints. It is packed with advanced security features. It includes Port-Based Network Access Control and PoE port control.

Managed switches enable users to create access control lists. This enables system administrators to set up specific network traffic. With this, only trusted devices will have authorized network access. This guarantees that unauthorized users can’t get pass through your IT infrastructure.

Benefit No. 2: Minimize Network Downtime

 Managed switches minimize the risks of network downtime. They do this by allowing failover links in the network.

Having a failover link is beneficial when system failures happen. It leads users to a standby computer system. By using advanced protocols, failover links are activated quickly upon the failure of the main system. With this, you can prevent issues of service disruptions.

Benefit No. 3: Remote Network Management

 Managed switches allow remote connections to take place. With that, system administrators are able to manage IT systems from a remote location. This is useful when a certain device has an issue that needs quick attention.

What is an Unmanaged Switch?

 An unmanaged switch is the plug and plays network switch type. It lacks powerful features. Unmanaged switches just allow network devices to connect with one another. They also come with a fixed configuration. With that, users do not have any power to customize it.

  Which is One is Better for Your Business

By understanding the difference between managed and unmanaged switch, you probably have guessed which one is the better option for your business IT network. If you think it’s managed switches, then you are right.

Managed switches are ideal for business IT networks for a number of reasons. With managed switches, you will have access to advanced features. These features allow you to control LAN traffic in your network.

Another reason why is due to unmanaged switches’ lack of security. Unmanaged switches are shipped without any built-in security features included. On the other hand, managed switches offer some security features. They have features dedicated to securing data, control, and management planes.

However, a managed switch is more expensive. But it proves to be a more cost-efficient option as well. This is due to the advanced features managed switch offers. It offers features like  VLAN, Port Mirroring, and  Dynamic ARP Inspection. This feature allows system administrators to have better network control.

Important Takeaways 

  • Network switches allow network devices to connect with one another. Managed switches and unmanaged switches are two main types of this device.
  • With advanced features, a managed switch is the better option for business IT networks. It has features that minimize network downtime and strengthen security. It is also more cost-efficient compared to unmanaged switches.

Closing Thoughts 

Managed switches provide businesses with a secure way of connecting devices. But these switches also have another advantage. Managed switches also allow you to outsource your IT systems management. It is an efficient way of ensuring optimal network stability Aperio IT is dedicated to delivering best-of-breed technology. Also, by outsourcing all your IT functions, you will be able to focus on core business needs.

When you are to outsource IT systems management, consider Aperio IT. It is an IT management company based in Sacramento. Aperio IT is dedicated to delivering best of breed technology solutions to its clients using this Managed And Unmanaged Switch.

With their advanced features, managed switches help businesses to connect devices with one another. This is on top of the other benefits that help businesses to improve day-to-day operations.

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