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Moving data onto servers can make it much easier to keep it backed up. Sometimes, however, the hard drives in servers do fail “between back-ups” and sometimes data just isn’t backed up as it should be. Either people haven’t done the back-ups or they have but the back-ups haven’t been completed properly and nobody has checked, hence the mistake is only discovered when the failure happens. Here, to get a hard disk data recovery service.

In theory, these sorts of situations should never happen. In practice, they are always going to happen from time to time. Fortunately, a good hard disk datas recovery service can usually sort the problem. Here is a quick guide to help you pick one.

Stay with local hard disk data recovery service

There are two good reasons for staying with local services. First of all, they reduce the distance your hard disk (and its data) has to travel. This is important because it reduces the risk of further damage and/or theft. Remember that if data is recoverable by a hard disk datas recovery service it is potentially recoverable by a cybercriminal and this possibility should not be discounted since any data which is worth the effort and money of having recovered by a hard disk datas recovery service presumably has a financial value and hence may be of interest to a data thief.

Hard Disk Data Recovery Service

Secondly, using local services means that it should be relatively easy to understand the laws which apply to the contract and to enforce them if necessary. If you use a non-local hard disk data recovery service you might find yourself dealing with unfamiliar laws and courts which are a long distance away. This can put you at something of a disadvantage and is best avoided.

Make sure that a hard disk datas recovery service really is local

There are two points you want to double-check here. Firstly, you want to know where the work is actually going to be done. Secondly, you want to check which local laws apply to the contract. Neither of these points may be immediately obvious.

With regards to the first point, hard disk data recovery services may try to impress you by listing multiple “service centers”. Don’t be fooled. The majority of these will just be places where staff can undertake some basic, initial triage using software tools. They will not be proper data recovery labs as these are so expensive to set up and run that even the biggest companies are only likely to have a handful of them.

To put this into context, not only do proper data recovery centers need to employ very skilled (and expensive) technicians, they need the highest levels of security (both physical and network) plus a very high level of hygiene. The industry standard is ISO 5 Cleanroom and some data recovery labs certify to ISO 4 Cleanroom.

With regards to the second point, you want to check if a company operating a hard disk datas recovery service is actually based in your locality or somewhere else. Remember that a company can operate a hard disk data recovery service in one location while being legally based elsewhere.

Ensure that you understand the recovery and billing process

One of the key points to understand about data recovery is that your first shot is almost always your best shot, in in fact, it might be your only shot. You, therefore, want to make sure that your precious hard disk goes to a hard disk datas recovery service that will make the most of any opportunity they have, rather than just take your money to “do their best”.

Any decent hard disk datas recovery service will be happy to work on a “no fix no fee” basis. The fee their charge may vary depending on how quickly you need the work to be done, but you should only ever be charged anything if they manage to recover your data as agreed.

For the sake of clarity, be aware that in this context, data means data. In other words, forget about folders and folder organization. In fact, for the most part, it’s probably best to assume that you’ll lose your original file names. What you’ll get is a list of files with automatically-assigned names and file extensions showing what they are. It will probably be down to you to finish untangling the mess when you get your data back.

You should also check how your data will be returned and confirm that the hard disk datas recovery service will keep a copy of it until you have had a chance to check that all is well.

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