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Have you considered an IT Helpdesk Ticketing System to assist your organization? While phone calls or emails have a personal touch, using an open-source ticketing system puts your company in a new perspective. Consider an open-source ticketing system as these are some of the best options.

1. Why We Need To Choose Open Source?

An open-source helpdesk ticketing system will benefit not only in the long run but right at the start. While open-source software renders access to its programming to the public, it also poses significant advantages.

→ Modification

IT Helpdesk Ticketing System

The programming of closed-source software is strictly guarded by its authors. Purchasing these software means you use them as-is. An open-source helpdesk ticketing system has programming open for public development. Willing programmers, like service providers of an IT Helpdesk Ticketing System, will do a modification for you. Give them specifications and they’ll recalibrate the software as you see fit. That way, you personalize the open-source ticketing system’s functions.

→ Cost

An open-source helpdesk ticketing system is free of charge. Payment is required for closed source software, and the cost doesn’t stop there: updated versions, add-ons, the list may go on. An open-source ticketing system can achieve updated programming with proper help from service providers. Also, your payment for open source ticketing systems will go a long way, because maintenance is done for you as well.

→ Scalability

In the event that your company grows, so will the use of the open-source ticketing system. This means needing to modify to accommodate growing needs. Service providers of open source helpdesk ticketing systems may edit codes to expand software function, and adjust to the scale of needed use. Closed source software does not have this flexibility.

2. More Advantages Of Open Source Services

An open-source ticketing system proves to be beneficial in many ways. Aside from the advantages of being open source, having and helpdesk spell out general productivity.

→ Customer Independence

Common customer service issues can be keyed into the database of open source helpdesk ticketing systems. Its self-help options will show various common scenarios with ready-made answers. In the end, the open source ticketing system will present a possible answer to the concern. This way, there is no need for an actual agent to help your customers.

→ Automated Process

Open source helpdesk ticketing systems customers may write down their questions that the system assigns as a “ticket”. This ticket will be documented and sent to the correct person or department. This way, the open source ticketing system is able to speed up the process. Instead of manually looking at and assigning pending tickets, keywords are used for proper detection. It may also introduce drop-down menus to aid customers in deciding which department can help them.

→ Evaluation Ease

IT Helpdesk Ticketing System also put ease in evaluating company issues. It can round up summative data that can be used to improve processes, center on repetitious problems, and come up with solutions that will eradicate future incidents. Data from open source helpdesk ticketing systems may also be used for general company assessment, like with sales and efficiency.

→ Lesser Help Needed

Human resource efforts may also be eradicated or redirected to other needs. Open source ticketing systems can attend to clients in real time the way customer service agents can. While there is better comfort in talking to a live person, you’ll be amazed at how fast open source helpdesk ticketing systems can do the job, once it is prepped well. Your company may let go of employment expenditures, such as hiring and training.

→ Company Image

With quicker means to answer clients, this bodes well for your company’s image. Thanks to open source helpdesk ticketing systems, customers are kept satisfied. This satisfaction will reflect through word of mouth, online reviews, and even social media. The open source ticketing system will boost how the rest of the industry sees you, both your customers and competitors.

→ Technology Forefront

Open source ticketing systems of the future will be a lot more advanced and efficient. For current IT Helpdesk Ticketing System users like you, adjusting to future versions of the software won’t be hard. That is why we urge you to use open source helpdesk ticketing systems at the soonest.

3. Make the Choice Now

We at Aperio-IT can guide you with this key decision to use an open source helpdesk ticketing system in your organization. Talk to us at 916-568-6830 or to get to know more about what an IT Helpdesk Ticketing System can do for you.

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