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How to choose the right IT services partner in Sacramento?

The IT managed services industry is now huge, which means that there are now plenty of IT services partners in Sacramento competing for your business. The choice is generally good, but it can also be confusing, so to help, here are some tips on how to choose the right IT services partner in Sacramento.

1. Start by checking that the potential IT services partner is actually in Sacramento

When creating a list of potential IT services partners in Sacramento, it can be helpful to do a double-check of their business location to confirm that it actually is Sacramento or at the very least that they have representation in Sacramento (or as a minimum near Sacramento). If you just go by the results of a quick internet search, you may find you end up with a lot of companies that aren’t in Sacramento (or even near Sacramento) but which still offer IT services in the Sacramento area.

2. Look for an IT services partner who can do everything you need

The search for the right IT services partner in Sacramento starts with defining your needs and wants. You need to be clear about which is which and ideally you want to set a ranking scale for the latter so everyone is on the same page about which are close to being real needs and which are just “nice to haves”.

You need an IT services partner to be able to do everything on your “must-have” list and ideally they should be able to do everything on your “wants” list (or at the very least the high-priority ones). If a potential IT services partner in Sacramento is a great fit, then you might want to consider dropping some or all of your “nice-to-haves” to work with them, especially if they’re offering you a competitive deal.

IT Services Sacramento

3. Check if there is any potential conflict of interest

This is highly unlikely to be an issue, however, it’s still worth considering. Are there any “lines in the sand” that could make you reluctant to work with a particular IT services partner in Sacramento regardless of how good they were from an objective perspective? For example, would you be happy using an IT services partner in Sacramento which also worked for your biggest competitors? In many cases, this could be perfectly reasonable, since a good IT services partner will treat their clients as individuals and will respect their confidentiality. It’s therefore up to you to make a judgment call on this one.

4. Check which vendors they can support

If you’d like to have more free time to deal with your actual core business rather than sorting out IT issues, then the chances are that handing over vendor management will be one of your top priorities. That being so, you’ll want to check what vendors your potential IT services partner can support. The chances are that even the smallest IT services partners in Sacramento will be able to support mainstream products, but their definition of mainstream may not extend to Apple devices. If that’s important to you, then you’ll need to check.

5. Check for accreditations and ISO certifications

You can find some great companies out there which don’t have accreditations of any sort, but it can certainly be a reassurance to know that a potential IT services partner in Sacramento has been independently vetted by a recognizable authority.

6. Check for cultural fit and a positive, can-do attitude

It’s preferable if an IT services partner in Sacramento has experience in dealing with other SMBs in your industry, but if that’s a bit too much to ask, then you might want to see if they have experience dealing with SMBs in general and/or your industry in general (ideally and). As an absolute minimum, any potential IT services partner in Sacramento should appear enthusiastic about working with you as an SMB. In other words, they should give you the impression that they see you as a valued customer and not just as a way to pay their bills while they go after corporate clients.

If you can, try to talk to their frontline staff. Not only will they be the people with whom you will probably have the most dealings, but they are often a very good indication of what corporate culture is really like. If they seem happy in their jobs and tend to stick around for a while, then you can probably assume that they’re spending most of their time dealing with customer queries rather than customer complaints.

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