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How To Choose The Right IT Support In Sacramento?

The fact that there is a global shortage of skilled IT personnel means that increasing numbers of SMBs are now relying on third-party IT support in Sacramento. IT support services get them access to the IT support they need without the hassle of having to recruit and retain skilled IT, support staff. If you’re looking for IT support in Sacramento, then here are some tips to help you choose the right IT support partner for your organization.

1. Start by defining your needs and wants

When it comes to choosing business partners of any description, the more accurately you scope your needs and wants, the easier you will find the later selection process. This is particularly true of anything to do with IT because some of its niches are very similar so you could start by thinking you want one form of assistance only to discover that you actually want something else. For example, you could start by looking for an IT support partner in Sacramento only to realize that what you actually need is an IT managed services partner.

2. Draw up a long list of companies and “hygiene check” them

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Your initial long list could be very long indeed, but you might be surprised how many companies you can strike off quickly just by performing some basic hygiene checks. The most obvious one is to make sure that any IT support company which claims to be in Sacramento actually is in Sacramento. This will quickly filter out IT support companies based in other locations that just happen to offer IT support services in the Sacramento area.

It’s also a good idea to double-check that any company you find can actually deliver the services you need and preferably the services you want as well. This may seem really obvious, but it may also filter out a few more companies.

As a final point, it’s recommended to check how long a company has been in business and what sort of experience they have with your industry sector or at least with SMBs in general. You don’t have to rule out younger companies, but you might want to be particularly thorough in later due diligence. Essentially, you’ll want to check that younger companies are backed by managers who have the skills to see them through the long term so you don’t have to make an unplanned change of your IT support partner in Sacramento.

Last but not least, you might want to make a quick check, to see if there are any potential conflicts of interest. For example, you might not want to use an IT support company in Sacramento which also works for your biggest competitor.

3. Request a proposal from the remaining companies on your list

Remember that requesting proposals is easy, but responding with a customized proposal takes some effort on the part of the IT support company, so only request proposals from companies you see as serious possibilities. Otherwise, you’re just wasting their time.

From your side, you’ll find analyzing proposals a whole lot easier if you decide on a scoring system before you begin and stick to it throughout the process. If you discover an issue with your system and need to change it then remember to apply those changes to any proposals you’ve already analyzed.

Remember that while cost is going to be a consideration for just about every hiring organization, the company with the lowest price is not necessarily going to deliver the best value. This is particularly true in IT support because a lot of the costs will relate to staff and cutting corners here can have a very negative impact, in fact in some cases it can backfire spectacularly.

4. Interview your most promising candidates to look for a culture fit

The request for proposal section of the selection process is really about confirming hard facts. Essentially, you want to confirm your impression that a company can do the job and get a clearer idea of what they can offer in terms of value, financial and otherwise.

The interview section of the selection process is partly about fine-tuning any details of a potential contract and partly about checking for culture fit. Although you can’t possibly meet every employee in your IT support partner’s organization, you can usually tell a lot about a company by their sales team. These should represent the values and culture of the organization so if you find you can’t take to them, then you should probably see this as a red flag – and vice versa.

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