Largest IT Managed Service Provider In Sacramento

When it comes to IT-managed service providers in Sacramento (or anywhere else), bigger isn’t always better. What you want is an IT managed service provider which is big enough to offer the full range of services you need (and ideally want), but which operates on a human level. You need to know that you are a valued customer, not just a way to pay the bills. With that in mind, here are some tips on how to find the right IT managed service provider in Sacramento.

Start by getting an internal agreement about your needs and wants

There’s a strong case for arguing that most of the work involved in picking an IT managed service provider in Sacramento gets completed long before you start looking at IT managed service providers in Sacramento. Whether or not that’s true, it’s fair to say that getting all stakeholders on board early in the proceedings can save a whole lot of time and frustration further down the line.

largest IT managed service provider in Sacramento

Ideally, you’ll include everyone from the C suite to front-line employees although not necessarily to the same extent. While the C suite will usually have to be closely involved in any decision-making process, the involvement of front-line staff may be limited to filling in a survey on what they like and dislike about the current IT landscape and what they’d like to see in the future.

This input will form the basis of a full, clear, and detailed list of needs and wants. You need to be clear about which is which and ideally you want to rank the latter in order of priority so that you give weight to wants that are near essentials rather than just “nice-to-have”.

1. Compile an initial list of IT managed service providers in Sacramento

In principle, you could simply do an internet search of “IT managed service providers in Sacramento” and grab the results. In practice, now is a good opportunity to do some quick and easy hygiene checks which can go a long way to shortening your list and hence making your life easier later on. The first point to check is whether or not an IT managed service provider is in Sacramento or at least near Sacramento. This will allow you to eliminate any companies that are offering IT managed services in Sacramento even though they’re based elsewhere.

For the sake of completeness, even though you can “go global” with the IT service providers you use, “going local” has many advantages and two, in particular, stand out. The first is that in a worst-case scenario, you know that any legal disputes will be settled according to your local laws and through your local courts. This can be massively more convenient for you than having to deal with laws and authorities in another state, let alone another country, even a friendly one.

The other is that being local to your IT managed service provider can make it much easier to develop a good working relationship with them and hence turn a contractual relationship into a real partnership that is of real, meaningful benefit to both parties.

In addition to checking the location of the managed service provider, you will want to double-check that they can offer all the services you need and preferably all the services you want as well, or, at the very least, your top priorities.

2. Do some basic health checks on the remaining companies

Although using an IT managed service provider can bring long-term cost efficiencies, there is usually an up-front cost to the migration, plus all migrations inevitably bring some level of inconvenience, which obviously you want to minimize. This means that you only want to look at IT managed service providers in Sacramento which look like they’re going to be able to stay in business over the long term.

For the sake of speed, you may want to start by checking how long a company has been in business. Any company which has already managed to stay in business over the long term clearly knows how to manage its finances and keep its customers happy, which are obviously good signs. If you’re looking at younger companies, see what you can find out about their management and, specifically, whether or not they have a past track record of success in a similar environment.

3. Start filtering down the remaining companies to the top picks

From this point on, the process of picking an IT managed service provider in Sacramento is fairly similar to the process for recruiting a senior member of staff. Once you’ve worked out which companies meet your “hard” criteria, you’ll approach them for detailed proposals and then pick the best candidates for interview.

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