Aperio IT is dedicated to keeping your technology investment up and running smoothly so you can focus on day-to-day business.

Your management team can relax knowing our partnership with your organization means we take your IT needs personally, and strive to keep your end-users productive with the tools they need to drive your organization forward.

Think of us as your Outsourced IT Department. We strategically optimize and protect your infrastructure while performing day-to-day maintenance that keeps your end-users from experiencing downtime.

Aperio IT’s Manage IT Service is built to cover all of your organization’s IT support needs, from your end-user devices to your servers, and even other appliances on your network that are necessary for your organization’s efficiency. By performing regular maintenance and monitoring your systems, we can drastically reduce the amount
of downtime your end-users experience. IT professionals are always looking out for your organization’s business goals and can help you meet your IT needs as you expand or help you solve business problems with technology as they arise. Our proactive maintenance can keep your IT investments running smoothly and our experienced IT professionals can assist your end-users with any technology-related issues.

Finally, Budget Your IT Expenses From Manage IT

Imagine being able to finally budget your technology. Imagine how much faster issues will get resolved if your entire staff can call for support without increasing your monthly IT expenses. With Aperio IT’s Manage IT Service, your organization can rest assured that you can focus entirely on other business issues that need your attention, not your IT. In the long run, your organization will save money with fewer issues, less downtime, and a no-surprises flat-rate that’s designed to work for
any size organization.

Supplement Your Current Internal IT From manage IT

Already have an internal IT department on-site that handles most of your day-to-day IT issues Aperio IT isn’t out to replace them, but we can certainly supplement and assist your current internal IT staff by providing our monitoring, maintenance, and help desk services. Your current IT staff will be able to take advantage of us as we strive to prevent downtime. If your current IT department is overloaded, Aperio IT is the perfect solution.

The Internet offers significant benefits to small and medium-sized businesses, but it comes with many serious security issues. With threats from Malware to Data Theft, layering protection into your current IT infrastructure is becoming more and more important every day. We can help you by reviewing your organization’s needs and finding a solution that works best for you.

Ever since the Internet began incorporating itself into everyone’s lives, viruses and spyware have done the same. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of viruses, and the number keeps growing. Viruses can cause a lot of problems for organizations, slowing workstations, and networks down to a crawl, and are often the cause of data loss. As part of our Manage IT Service, we keep your antivirus licenses and definitions up-to-date to protect your bottom line. Additionally, our antivirus partners the solution has a small footprint, keeping workstation bottlenecks at a minimum.

While Antivirus is vital to ensure a healthy IT infrastructure, precautions can be taken to stop viruses from entering your organization’s infrastructure in the first place. You can prevent workstation downtime and slowness issues by locking down your network behind a Firewall. We help you select the most cost-effective Firewall
solution for your organization. Stop dealing with workstation-based software firewalls that drastically slow down your end-users computers. Prevent harmful intrusion issues before you have to deal with them. Aperio IT will manage and monitor your organization’s Firewall to ensure it has the most up-to-date firmware installed to prevent any external attacks.

Block inappropriate websites and content from entering your network. Do you have employees getting distracted at work with social networks like Facebook and Twitter? Do you want to improve the work environment by blocking adult content that is simply not tasteful? Aperio IT has partnered with a couple of best-in-breed content filters solutions, which can be set up with customized policies that keep your end-users from getting distracted, while still allowing them to search and browse the web
as needed. Content filtering can work in concert with your firewall solution to block malware to keep your IT infrastructure safe and secure. Our IT professionals will monitor and notify you when your end-users are attempting to access websites that are not approved as part of our customized Manage IT Service.

Server infrastructures are becoming more complex than ever. Our Manage IT Services can help you establish a collaborative and innovative computing environment to support your organization while controlling costs.

With Aperio IT’s Manage IT Services, you can increase infrastructure stability, server availability, and operational efficiency. We can help you enhance service-level visibility and management while improving the effectiveness of internal chargeback mechanisms.

Get comprehensive support that includes remote and on-site server remediation services at a flat monthly rate. Your organization’s servers are the heart of your IT Infrastructure and any downtime means a massive loss in productivity for your end-users. Aperio IT’s Manage IT Service combines constant server monitoring with proactive maintenance to prevent downtime and maintain availability and stability. If your server goes down, our IT professionals know about it within minutes and
often take action before you call us. Your server’s uptime is our priority, and we are committed to making sure your system is functioning properly.

If your business is expanding, or you feel that your network is lacking for your current end-users, we can evaluate your organization’s current setup and develop the best solution for you. Thanks to many partnerships with a variety of hardware and software vendors, we can provide the best solutions to meet your organization’s business goals.

Manage your business relationships, not your hardware and software vendors. Ever deal with a computer issue for days because you don’t want to make the commitment to spend hours on the phone with the manufacturer’s support? We understand completely. Third-party technical support can run you around in circles before getting anywhere when you really need things to be back up and running so your organization’s staff can operate normally.

Aperio IT’s IT professionals work with a whole slew of hardware and software vendors every single day. A big part of our daily life involves building relationships with vendors. We also know our client’s IT infrastructure, goals, and IT differentials much better than any third-party vendor ever could. It’s only natural for us to extend these services to our partners.

When Aperio IT manages your vendor relationships for your organization, that means you get a single company to contact for all of your troubleshooting and support needs. In many cases, our IT professionals can provide the solution faster and more cost-effectively than working with a vendor’s support staff, and when we do need to reach out to a vendor, we’re able to articulate the issues faster and quickly achieve the resolution you need.

When someone promises you good customer service, you expect them to remember important details including your name and past interactions. By knowing every detail about
the IT needs of your organization an Outsourced CIO can provide you with the ultimate customer service experience. With Aperio IT, you don’t just get enterprise-level IT services, but full-fledged consultative operations to assist you with complex IT decisions when it is time to expand, upgrade, or integrate new technologies to improve your business. Working with Aperio IT means you have the advantage of having an Outsourced CIO to assist you with your IT challenges.

It is the job of your Outsourced CIO to work closely with you and learn everything they can about the needs of your organization. This is what drives the ultimate customer service experience. When it comes down to it, your Outsourced CIO is like a high-level consultant who always has your best interests in mind.

Your Outsourced CIO works for your organization in order to best accomplish your business goals using technology. Additionally, your Outsourced CIO is able to pull up configurations for all of your hardware and software, warranty information, install dates, account credentials, and much more.

With Aperio IT as your Outsourced CIO, we will build out a long-term IT plan for your business, saving you money. Because we consider ourselves your Outsourced CIO and know so much about your organization, we will be able to develop an IT plan for your company that will save you money As you know from your own business experiences, any plan that is done right and is well implemented will save you money because it means fewer hang-ups and no waste from doing something incorrectly.

When your Outsourced CIO makes an IT plan for your company we will take into consideration important planning details like your budget, your projections for growth, the needs of your customers and employees, and the goals of your business. Your Outsourced CIO will also use their technology expertise to assess your current network
infrastructure and determine when hardware components will need to be replaced, along with what new technologies will best serve your company’s needs.

With Aperio IT, you can get the experience of a knowledgeable executive without having to hire one full-time. An Outsourced CIO is the perfect IT solution for any organization with a tight personal budget, allowing your company to benefit from a highly trained and experienced consultant without having to hire a new full-time
executive. Your Outsourced CIO will be able to take their experience and tap their industry connections to work closely with other IT executives in order to help develop your business IT strategies. Your Outsourced CIO can also act as a mentor for your IT staff to equip them to handle high-level executive decisions on their own.

The desktop is undergoing a radical reinvention that is changing how organizations go about their business and the way employees work. Aperio IT helps clients make the right investment decisions around device-type and operating systems. We always match the end-user device to your business needs. A secure and user-friendly environment is the starting point, enabling you to drive out costs while improving productivity and responsiveness to dynamic business demands.

Standardization of the desktop was the old way of driving efficiencies. Today, the desktop needs to be dynamic and tailored to different end-user roles, supporting the way people work with technology that makes them comfortable and therefore more productive. With that come several technology challenges:

Device choice: PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones all have a role in the workplace, but you have to decide what works best where and with whom.

Workforce age: diverse employees spanning six decades are now active in the workforce with different needs, expectations, and competencies that have to be served.

Roles: from task workers and knowledge workers to mobile users and office-based executives, desktop solutions have to be deployed that fit the job.

Locations: providing flexible access to computing resources in the office, at home, or on the move is now a must-have.

Nothing stands still in technology so our Manage IT Service is structured to stay on top of the new diversity and evolve to meet our client’s constantly changing needs. As consumer technology becomes accepted in the workplace, we support more flexible and mobile working practices, always driving productivity but never sacrificing security or the bottom-line business requirement.

Your end-users time is best spent working for your organization, not managing IT issues. We make it simple by offering fast and reliable support for your end-users, as well as proactive desktop remote management and maintenance for your end-user devices and workstations. Aperio IT’s Manage IT service provides comprehensive
preventative maintenance services remotely. This solution is comprised of a desktop/laptop agent within the Aperio IT technology platform with all of the intelligence built in to conduct day-to-day preventive maintenance services.

With the Manage IT Service, we generate detailed inventory reports and configurations related to all the preventive maintenance activities conducted through the Aperio IT Network Operations Center (NOC). We track serial numbers, license expiration, warranties, vendor information, detailed service responses, and much more.

Empower your staff by giving them direct access to Aperio IT’s HelpDesk IT service. Our Flat-Rate resolves the issue of having to wait for approval to increase IT support costs.