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What is Managed Endpoint Security?

Endpoint security aims to protect all devices that are connected to a business IT network. These include desktops, laptops, servers and other network devices. With a comprehensive endpoint security plan, you can keep your business IT network protected against cyber threats that can infiltrate your whole IT environment. With the possible negative effects of a weak endpoint security to overall business operations, every business must equip their IT systems with technologies and solutions that can help them effectively strengthen their endpoint protection.

However, there are some businesses (particularly SMBs) that does not have enough resources for them to effectively manage the endpoint security of their IT network infrastructure all by themselves. To guarantee optimal endpoint protection, what they do is to outsource endpoint security services from a managed service provider (MSP).

An MSP is a third-party company that provides IT assistance to businesses. They offer various managed IT services which include a comprehensive endpoint security management and monitoring. By outsourcing endpoint security services to an MSP, they will take over your network management and set up comprehensive security strategies and techniques that will boost the web protection of your network.

To know how outsourcing endpoint security to an MSP becomes advantageous for your business, we listed here some key benefits:

Managed Endpoint Security

Managed Endpoint Security Benefit No. 1: High-Grade Endpoint Protection

MSPs have all the resources to integrate their systems with the latest security technologies and solutions. So with that, by outsourcing managed endpoint security services from an MSP, you will be able to guarantee that your endpoint security are being managed and monitored by best-in-class tech.
Aside from that, MSPs also guarantee that the systems of their clients will be managed by well-trained IT security specialists. MSPs assures that all their IT specialists are provided with up-to-date training programs that enables them to be familiar with advanced endpoint security intelligence and other IT protection standandards. These allows them to map out extensive security strategies that help strengthen the overall endpoint security of your IT environment.

Managed Endpoint Security Benefit No. 2: Fast Response Time

MSP guarantee that all their clients’ endpoint protection are being monitored throughout the day. With that, by outsourcing managed endpoint security from a MSP, you will have a reliable team of IT technicians that will quickly address a-class technologies, IT techniciand fix IT issues before they have a chance to spread around your IT environment. Using their bestns of your MSP will be able to troubleshoot any issue and allow your business to quickly go back normal operations.

Managed Endpoint Security Benefit No. 3: Maintains Business Continuity

With managed endpoint security services that an MSP provides, you can effectively prevent IT issues such as network downtimes and technical glitches to happen. With this, all your computers, servers, and other network devices can remain smoothly running.
With strategic endpoint security services from your MSP, all important IT systems and business data will be constantly available to be accessed. This allows your business to effectively maintain normal business operations and employee productivity.

Managed Endpoint Security Benefit No. 4: Costs Reductions

When you hire an MSP to manage and take over the security management of your endpoints, you will be able to minimize operational costs and still guarantee optimal endpoint security for your network. Integrating top-grade endpoint security technologies and solutions to your IT environment can be very expensive. On top of that, you will also need to allot budget for proper maintenance of these technologies.
Also, without endpoint security assistance from an MSP, you will need to directly hire in-house IT systems administrators to maintain the security of your network. Directly hiring them will cost you additional labor costs and employee benefits. You also need to provide them with training to help them keep up with the current endpoint security strategies.
All these additional costs can be expensive and a lot of SMBs may not have enough resources to apply all of these in their respective IT environments. But with an MSP to give you efficient IT assistance, you can guarantee an optimal endpoint protection without spending beyond your operational capabilities. MSPs will just charge you with predictable and recurring service charges for all the managed endpoint security services that they will render to your business.

Managed Endpoint Security: Conclusion

A comprehensive endpoint security is a must in today’s IT landscape. With your business IT network serving as a database for sensitive business data and information while guaranteeing that endpoint protection to all devices that are connected to it is undeniably crucial. With this, complications regarding business operations can be prevented and continuous operational processes can be maintained.

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