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How To Choose Managed IT Experts?

Managed IT is now a huge industry and that inevitably means that managed IT companies are going to be a mixed bunch. Some will be genuine managed IT experts, others will simply be companies jumping on what looks like it could be a profitable bandwagon and many will be somewhere in the middle. Here is a guide as to how you can find genuine managed IT experts in Sacramento.

Start by making a shortlist of potential candidates

Managed IT Experts

The easiest way to start looking for managed IT experts in Sacramento is to put together a list of managed IT companies in Sacramento so that you can then start investigating them in greater depth.

Steps To Get a shortlist of potential candidates

1. Check their websites

First of all, check that they provide the services you need. There is no point in getting excited about a company that looks like a great potential fit, only to discover that they only have a limited range of services on offer. If the list of services looks good, have a look around the company’s website as a whole. As a minimum, it should load quickly, be intuitive to navigate and look like it’s up-to-date. It should look like they’re making an effort to make themselves attractive to potential customers. If it doesn’t, then you probably want to move on.

2. Check what the internet says about them

You’re unlikely to find thousands or even hundreds of reviews of any managed IT company in Sacramento and you need to be very cautious about placing too much weight on a very limited number of reviews. That said, it never hurts to take a look and you may find something interesting. You particularly want to look for comments from companies that look like they’re in a similar situation to you, for example, the same local area, industry area, and/or size.

3. Ask around the people you know

Similar comments apply here but personal recommendations from people you know generally carry more weight than comments from strangers on the internet.

4. Request a proposal from five to ten of the candidates still on your list

Hopefully, the previous points will have led to some candidates dropping off your list and others rising to the top. If that’s the case, then you can start with your top contenders. If it hasn’t, then the next step should go a long way to identifying the real managed IT experts in Sacramento. 

What happens next can be very telling. You should expect a prompt acknowledgment of your request. You should, however, also expect any real managed IT experts in Sacramento to need some time to put together their best proposal for you. How long this will take will depend partly on the complexity of your request and partly on whether or not the managed IT company needs to ask for further information from you.

If you get anything that looks like a “canned” proposal and/or one which does not look like it is particularly relevant to what you said you wanted, then that’s a very strong sign you should almost certainly just strike that company from your list of potential candidates.

What you’re looking for is evidence that a managed IT provider has grasped your business, identified your needs, wants, and budget, and looked for ways they can add real value to your organization.

Keep going through this process until you have found three to five serious candidates, which look like genuine managed IT experts in Sacramento.

5. Set up a meeting with one to five of your top candidates

 You may feel that it’s “safest” to interview at least three candidates, but this only has value if all of those three candidates look like they could legitimately be the best option. If one candidate stands out above all the others as the top managed IT experts in Sacramento, then you may simply wish to save your time (and the time of the other companies) and only set up a meeting with them. Remember, you’re looking for quality rather than quantity.

This meeting will be your chance to build upon the favorable impression made by their initial proposal. Three factors will determine whether or not it is a success. The first will be their ability and willingness to explain technology in a way that is understandable to everyone in the room. The second will be their ability and willingness to finesse their proposal so that it is the best possible fit for your company. The third will be the personal impression they make, which will probably be largely determined by the previous points.

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