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How to choose the best managed IT services partner in Roseville?

More and more SMBs are choosing to use managed IT services for their everyday IT needs and either do without an in-house IT team or keep that in-house IT team for value-add tasks such as development. This arrangement can be a win for everyone, but only if you choose the right managed IT services partner. With that in mind, here is a quick guide to choosing a managed IT services partner in Roseville.

1. Start by checking your current status

If your current IT system is in good shape and you basically want to keep everything much as it is, then you can move straight on to defining what you need and want from a managed IT services provider. If, however, your IT system is not in good shape, you need to figure out what’s wrong with it and get it sorted before you even start to look for a managed IT services provider. A managed IT services company will only take over an existing system when it is already running well, in fact, you may need to upgrade it to meet their standards.wants, and budget before you even start your search.

If your organization lacks the knowledge or resource to sort out your IT system (perhaps this is the problem), then you might want to enlist the help of an IT support partner in Roseville. IT support companies focus on projects and break/fix work, both of which are outside the scope of managed IT services.

Managed IT Services Roseville

2. Define your needs, wants, and budget

This is an important step in any purchasing or hiring decision and is extremely important when picking a managed IT services partner in Roseville. First of all, there is always some degree of upheaval in migrating to a new managed IT services partner and this generally means some degree of expense.

If you stay with the same managed IT services partner over the long term, then this initial inconvenience and expense will be recouped. If, however, you pick an unsuitable managed IT services partner, then you are going to find yourself facing a choice between staying with a managed IT services partner who isn’t really what you want or going through all the upheaval of a new migration sooner than you’d have liked.

The way to avoid this is to get input from all relevant stakeholders and make sure that everyone is completely on the same page about your needs, wants and budget before you even start your search.

3. Take your time filtering your long list down to a short-list

The short-listing process is basically one of working out which candidates look like they would be best placed to do the job. It is usually focused on objective criteria such as services offered and price however there are other practicalities to consider, such as where you would stand in the event of a dispute with the managed IT services provider.

If you pick a managed IT services partner in Roseville, or at least near Roseville, then the contract between you will be under your local law and any disputes between you will come under the jurisdiction of your local courts. If, however, you pick a managed IT services provider from further afield, then it’s almost guaranteed that the contract you sign will say that the agreement between you is governed by the law in the managed IT services provider’s home state and that any disputes between you will be governed by their local courts.

This might sound like a small detail, but it can make the difference between you feasibly being able to pursue legal action against them and you have to accept an unwelcome situation and move on.

4. Only send requests for proposals to the top contenders on your short-list

Creating a customized proposal takes up a vendor’s time and analyzing it properly takes yours. It, therefore, makes sense to value everyone’s time and limit the number of requests for proposals you send. Anywhere between three and five would usually be a reasonable amount. If, for some reason, none of those candidates turned out to be suitable, then you could send out another round of requests, but this is highly unlikely to be necessary.

5. Make sure you interview a managed IT services provider before you hire them

A managed IT services provider can easily become an unofficial CIO. You would never consider hiring an official CIO without interviewing them and outside of very unusual circumstances, you would usually insist on interviewing them in person. You should therefore take the same approach to hire a managed IT services provider because, when you come right down to the wire, the “human factor” matters too.

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