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Choosing the best managed IT services partner in Yuba City

Choosing the best-managed IT services partner in Yuba City can be a bit of a challenge. It is, however, worth taking the time to go through the selection process thoroughly. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you choose the best managed IT services partner in Yuba City.

Steps To Getting Managed IT Services

→ Check that you are genuinely looking at a managed IT services company in Yuba City

Be aware that search results can be misleading. If you see a company advertising managed IT services in Yuba City, then check that they are actually located in Yuba City, or at least near Yuba City, and not just offering managed IT services to companies in Yuba City.

This may sound like a detail but details matter. The simple fact of the matter is that if you are working with a managed IT services partner in Yuba City (or at least near Yuba City), you will be on the same legal page and under the jurisdiction of the same local courts. If you go with a non-local company, you can almost guarantee that their contract for services will state that their local laws apply to the agreement and that any disputes between you will be handled by their local courts.

Managed IT Services Yuba

→ Check what geographical areas they cover

Even if you’re comfortably settled in your current offices, it might be prudent to think of what you would do if your circumstances were to change and you had to move. Alternatively, what would happen if you needed to take on new working space, if only temporarily?

→ Check their pricing model in detail

In principle, there are four main ways you could choose to pay for your IT managed services. These are ad hoc, per user, per device, or on subscription. In practice, paying ad hoc, per-user or per device is only likely to be suitable for the smallest of SMBs. The vast majority of SMBs are going to want to pay on subscription and perhaps add on the occasional ad hoc service as, when and if there is need, want, and budget.

Managed IT services subscriptions work similarly to cell phone subscriptions. You choose a price plan, for which you receive a certain level of service. If you don’t use all the services, you generally lose them (or you may be allowed a very limited degree of carry-over) and if you need more, then you can buy them, usually at the ad hoc rate.

As with cell phone contracts, you can expect there to be some months when you don’t use everything and some months when you might go a bit over your allowance. For the most part, however, you should be using up the vast majority, if not all, of your allowance, but not going over it. This will only happen if you pick the right pricing plan for your situation and this will only happen if a managed IT services company makes it available for you to pick. This is why you need to go through the details of subscription plans very carefully.

→ Check if they can provide IT support services

Managed IT services are basically about providing regular services for a fixed price. They do not extend to projects or to solving any problems with your IT infrastructure. This is the job of IT support and if you don’t have an internal IT support team, then you will need to find an IT support partner in Auburn to deal with these issues when they crop up – and it’s almost inevitable that they will.

You could make your life a bit easier if you just checked whether or not a managed IT services partner could provide IT support if you needed it, albeit at an extra cost. If they can, then you have the reassurance of knowing that any problems you face will be handled by one company, which means that it will be their job to figure out internally whose responsibility it is and what needs to be done.

Even if a managed IT services partner can’t provide IT support themselves (which would be fairly unusual but might happen), they might still be able to refer you to a partner company, with which they have a good relationship, which might be the next-best option.

In either case, remember to check not only the charges for IT support but also the payment terms. If you think you may need help with project implementation, it’s often best if you can buy bundles of credits/hours at a discount to pay ad hoc. For break/fix work, however, ad hoc billing in arrears is usually the only practical option, in which case you want to know how long you have to pay.

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