Managed Network Security Services

Managed Network security services are one of the basic IT services that you need if you want to establish an online business. The development of cybersecurity threats is continuous. It produces more and more sophisticated malware every day. Thus, you need to seek help from experts. network security services will provide the expertise and the commitment you need.

A managed network security service keeps businesses safe from online threats

How To Choose Managed Security Services?

Consider different managed security service provider reviews. Always check on their terms. A managed network security service may vary depending on the company. You need to know what companies offer and what your business needs. Read up and consider your options. A good decision always stems from good research.

Managed Network Security Services

What Are Managed Network Security Services?

A managed network security service is a third-party provider. This means that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) works with another company. This company can provide the managed network security service that your business needs. It is an outsourced service. It allows experts from the field of network security to take over certain functions. They will access your network to keep it secured.

The demand for a managed network security service has risen over the years. This is due to businesses began expanding into the virtual market. The e-commerce trend became popular. Thus, cybersecurity threats became a popular crime, too.

The demand for IT security services is high. Yet, companies find it expensive to hire a large team of IT experts to keep their business and the companies are more secure using Managed Network Security Services.

The retail concept comes in. The managed network security service became a better option for businesses. This works well for those who can’t afford to hire in-house IT experts. Instead of employing more people, they’ll cover security through subscription.

According to recent research, 74% of surveyed organizations use in-house IT security. Meanwhile, 82% of IT professionals already worked with a managed network security service. Thus, a managed network security service lets IT professionals work for several companies. They are a third-party solutions provider. This way, they can accommodate more clients. At the same time, companies don’t need to hire them full-time.

What Are the IT Security Services Included?

In a managed network security service, there are several IT security services. Your dedicated team will be in charge of them:

  • → network intrusion detection and prevention
  • → asset classification and change management
  • → data breach security, and creation of access control policies
  • → device management, monitoring, and remediation
  • → email security, including anti-spam, anti-malware, and IP filtering
  • → Functions of Managed Network Security Service

Knowing what managed network security services are is not enough. You also need to know the functions you should expect from the IT security services you will avail. Here are the basic functions of a managed network security service:

Monitoring and Management of Intrusion Detection Systems and Firewalls

This function of a managed network security service is a round-the-clock task. It focuses on the continuous protection of your network. This includes initial preventive security measures. They track daily logs of activities and incidents within the network. This provides an intelligence report on the possibility of threats. The report will be the basis of threat detection.

Aside from monitoring, a managed network security service includes the efficient management of intrusion detection systems and firewalls. The firewall is your first line of defense during an attack. Your IT security team keeps them up and updated to keep threats away from your network.

But, some threats can take breakdown firewalls, that is why your team must know to manage attacks once detected. This is possible with a pool of experts working on your managed network security service.

Patch Management Oversight in Managed Network

One of the most effective ways to fend off attacks is to keep your network strong. This is possible with patches and upgrades. A managed network security service will take care of patch management and all the latest upgrades that your software needs. This will keep the network strong and immune to attacks. This will also secure your network from all known malware and virus.

Emergency Response in Managed Network

Security emergencies happen, especially when unknown malware targets your network. Zero-day attacks are the usual cause of security emergencies. The best way to deal with this is thru the fastest security measures to keep the malware out of your system. The less time your network is exposed to the attack, the less damage it could cause. Some security measures do not provide an immediate response to the attacks that lead to an undetected and unresolved security breach while using Managed Network Security Services. That is why a managed network security service is the safest way to go.

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