Managed Mobility Services: Yay or Nay?

Many professionals dream of not being bound by the confines of a physical office. Gaining options on how they’ll go about the daily grind of professional life, in or out of the office, would be appreciated. Mobility IT solutions are great means to encourage employees to do achieve more, as long as the professional workforce is connected through the cloud. But are managed mobility services for you? Will your company benefit from acquiring mobility services, or is it a step backwards in productivity and efficiency?

Managed Mobility Services

Managed Mobility Services: Yay!

With managed mobility services, service providers will introduce mobility IT solutions that will allow freedom to perform work remotely. Mobility IT solutions are not as simple as providing the workforce with smart gadgets and internet connection. These mobility services aim to increase connectivity between co-workers and allow them to communicate clearly as if they are in the same location. Mobility IT solutions may also include remote tracking of employees’ work patterns, so managers can monitor the team through online means. Let’s look at how options for mobility IT solutions can help increase output and efficiency:

Managed Mobility Services: Accessibility

Catalyzing the power of technology through online means is a step taken by companies nowadays. Mobility IT solutions is one step you can take to increase accessibility. Through mobility services, channels to communicate are made more available. You may send feedback, hold meetings, and give training without having to schedule face-to-face appointments; everything is done online. By centralizing work into one location, which is the cloud, those who need to access work can do so as long as they have a smart gadget and ample connection. Think of urgent tasks that can be completed right away without rushing to the office the next day. Through mobility IT solutions, work access is improved, and other benefits will eventually come, like increased productivity and efficiency.

Managed Mobility Services: Convenience

Think of the comfort managed mobility services will give you and your co-workers. Through mobility IT solutions, service providers will help the workforce in using their smart gadgets to meet deadlines and achieve goals without the limitations of time and space. Let’s be clear though that mobility services are not means for offices to resort to the “work-from-home” structure, but mobility IT solutions are there to encourage productivity wherever you are. Think of not having to experience the hassles of heavy traffic or inclement weather just for an office meeting. Through managed mobility services, you may also get the help of professionals that may not be with you physically all the time. Your company may also consider outsourced work for your different company functions. Managed mobility services increases the professional opportunities of everyone, at their convenience.

Managed Mobility Services: Nay?

Skepticism over mobility IT solutions is of no surprise. Allowing additional devices to access office resources, and letting employees work outside of the company, might pose some problems. Luckily, managed mobility services providers have solutions for that. Mobility IT solutions have also seen possible “loopholes” to the setup, and managed mobility service providers have thought of ways to counter them.

Managed Mobility Services: Security

Adding more devices to access the company’s cloud storage, or to let more users into the company’s online networks, pose some significant threats. This also means that security measures have to be recalibrated, which can be a hassle. Providers of managed mobility services have taken this into consideration. Part of mobility IT solutions is to help in overseeing new devices. Be confident that service providers will be the ones to strengthen your company’s network security as you move into managed mobility services. This should be a foremost protocol, especially that employees outside of the office won’t use connections familiar to the company.

Managed Mobility Services: Professionalism

Another significant concern of integrating managed mobility services into company procedures is the assurance that employees are indeed doing their job. Without an overseeing manager, they might resort to “cheating” they way into productivity. Having someone do the work for them, slacking off during indicated work hours, and other dubious activities come to mind in these situations. However, managed IT solutions include means for supervisors to still overlook the output of their team. For example, there are apps that take screenshots of an employee’s screens during work periods, and even take camera photos of who’s in front of the computer. Providers of managed mobility services might even teach you how to go about the “revision history” of certain documents to track down the progress of a certain project. While regular meetings and status reports might also do the job, mobility IT solutions have their own means to maintain professionalism in the workplace, may it be in or out of it.

Managed Mobility Services: Yes or No?

Managed mobility services may be a lot to take in, and the change it will instill is something alien to many workplace setups. But you can always weigh the pros and cons of mobility IT solutions. Managed mobility services uses a lot of modern technology to bring in productivity and efficiency through improved professional participation. Take your time in deciding if you will say “yay” or “nay” to it.

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