Office 365 Security Features has the Microsoft Guarantee

Get Office 365 Security for your Own Peace of Mind

With the increase in cyber threats such as viruses and hacking, information stored both online and offline are at risk. With this risk comes further problems such as halted business operations and doubt from customers and clients of the security of their data. Office 365 Security is your best bet to appease these concerns. Buying Office 365 Security for your own peace of mind extends to the safety of your cyber-future. Allow us here at Aperio-IT to list down Office 356 Security features, and also details regarding Office 365 Security and Compliance.

Office 365 Security Features has the Microsoft Guarantee

Office 365 Security is a cloud-based service aimed for strong security, undeniable reliability, and user productivity. It is important that when you and/or your organization decides to avail of Microsoft’s premiere security service, aside from knowing about Office 365 Security features and what is specified in Office 365 Security and Compliance, the reliability of the name behind it should be considered. Microsoft is mostly known for successful and widely-used programs specifically Microsoft Office. Microsoft also assures you that Office 365 Security features will include continuous updating and your complete control over data. In other words, Office 365 Security has the Microsoft guarantee.

Office 365 Security Features Make It a Holistic Security System 

Office 365 Security and Compliance is no game. It is a fully-equipped system that boasts of features strengthened for your data safety. The location of Office 365 Security physical servers are not disclosed to the public, to start with. Microsoft also employs layers and layers of data backup so that even at the onslaught of data loss, even backup data has backup. Other Office 365 Security features include hard-to-figure-out passwords and authentications, and certification from various European privacy authorities. Office 365 Security and Compliance is serious business, only for your safety.

Office 365 Security Does Not Share User Data

Among Office 365 Security features is the fact that user data is truly protected by Microsoft so that data mining won’t happen at all. Microsoft will only use said data to update its services, but that’s about it. Another fact to note is that your data will not be deleted or will lose its security status in the event your subscription is not renewed. Office 365 Security and Compliance standards are to be upheld so that your data is safe, unsubscribed or not. This is one of the Office 365 Security features that make users renew their subscriptions further.

Office 365 Security and Compliance is Definitely Certified

Certification is probably one of the strongest ways to determine if a security system is not only strong, but recognized. Among the Office 365 Security features, certification makes it credible. The ISO 27001 certification was granted to Office 365 Security through a series of processes that assess how the system is controlled in terms of initiation, implementation and maintenance of information security management. ISO 270018 on the other hand makes sure that users’ personally identifiable data cannot be recognized at all. You can also read about other Office 365 certifications, such as regarding the US-EU Safe Harbor, but being ISO-certified should be enough to show that Office 365 Security and Compliance standards are of international regard.

Office 365 Security Allows You to Know More About it

The Office 365 Security and Compliance process may look complicated, but trust us when we say that it is one of many Office 365 Security features that make it a brilliant security system. In your first 30 days of Office 365 Security use, you are given access to the basics of the system, such as audit logging and Cloud App Security. In the next steps within 90 days, more advanced features are then implemented. These features, such as multi-factor authentication and attack simulations, may be harder to understand, but as you can see, something underlying with Office 365 Security features is to let users in slowly and with ease, but still making sure users get the full Office 365 Security experience. There are also various Office 365 Security and Compliance resources you can look at to get to know the system more, such as understanding the different Office 365 Security subscriptions. As a user, you are kept in the know about how the system works.

While it is true that there are many security options out there, Office 365 Security features are some of the most competitive out there in the market. Office 365 Security and Compliance methods are internationally-certified, so even if the world of cybertechnology is full of security threats, know that Office 365 Security has your back. Get to know more about is by contact Aperio-IT at 916-568-6830 or Be safe, stay safe, be Office 365 Security safe.