Office 365 Universe Gives You the Full Microsoft Office Experience:

Buying Office 365 University Now is an Investment

It is important for members of the academe to have good access to Microsoft Office programs as learning materials often come in the form of Microsoft Word documents, Powerpoint slides, or Excel sheets. The Office 365 University package gives students, teachers, and other school personnel access to Microsoft Word and other mentioned programs above, alongside benefits fit for schoolwork. Whether it’s homework, projects, classroom visuals, or lesson plans you are creating, Office’s 365 University is your best choice, and we here at Aperio-IT guarantee that. Here are just some of the reasons why:

Office 365 university

Office 365 Universe Gives You the Full Microsoft Office Experience:

Purchasing Office 365 University gives you the classic Microsoft Office trinity of Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel. Though many word processing knockoffs may have been going about, nothing beats the original. Also, since Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel are the three more common apps used for generations now, differences in file formats are almost not a problem. These documents are also accessible through Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets, which will allow remote access to your project group mates or co-teachers. Consider Microsoft Office as a staple in the realm of academics.

Office 365 Universe is More Than Just Microsoft Office:

Your Office’s 365 University package does not only include Microsoft Office. Aside from Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, Office’s 365 University boasts other features, such as Outlook, Publisher, OneNote, and Access. These apps, together with Microsoft Office, are also accessible across various gadgets. Whip up your smartphone to make a quick edit of your homework through Microsoft Word, or prepare an entire set of teaching materials through Microsoft Office on your tablet. The Office’s 365 University also throws in additional Skype minutes and OneDrive storage to boot. That’s a lot of bonuses than just Microsoft Word or Microsoft Office.

Office 365 Universe is More Appropriate for You than Home or Personal:

You’ve probably done your own comparison of Office’s 365 University to its Home or Personal counterparts. If you haven’t, this is the low-down. While all packages give access to Microsoft Office apps like Microsoft Word, the Office’s 365 University is a guaranteed 4-year package. The Office 365 Personal can only be installed on one PC or laptop, then one other mobile gadget. Office 265 Home on the other hand has the same features as Office’s 365 University, but what sets Home and Personal apart from Office 365 University is longevity. While Home and Personal is a monthly subscription, consider Office’s 365 University an investment good for four years. Especially that studying and teaching are long-term endeavors, it is important that your Microsoft Word files are intact for a long time. It is through this simple comparison that Office’s 365 University is the better choice.

Office 365 Universe Assures Use With or Without Internet:

While Google introduced online versions of the Microsoft Office apps, and these so-called online apps are free of use and can also process Office files such as Microsoft Word documents, these require internet connectivity for access. Assuring that your PC or gadget has Office 365 University access makes sure that you can do your student or teacher work whether online access is possible or not. The flexibility of your gadgets in allowing you to be productive anywhere anytime is something that your Office’s 365 University purchase will assure you can still bank on. Also, with Microsoft OneDrive which comes with your purchase, you can sync your files both for online and offline use. Group work access without internet connectivity? No problem. Teachers can also start their learning materials on Microsoft Word, log off the ‘Net, and open them later on with comments or changes from online colleagues, thanks to filing storage synchronization. That’s innovation in action.

 Office 365 Universe Keeps Existing Documents Accessible:

Imagine a colleague at school requesting a copy of your teaching materials, or a classmate hoping you can give her a printout of today’s class notes notes. Horror ensues when you find out your Microsoft Word won’t open your document because the subscription has expired. Gladly, that will not happen with Office 365 University. Even if your 4-year subscription has ended, Microsoft Office files are still readable and print-ready. What is limited is your ability to edit existing files or create new ones, which are reasons enough for you to opt for subscription renewal. But as mentioned before, the Office’s 365 University subscription lasts for four years, compared to the Home and Personal subscription that has to be renewed monthly. For students, teachers, and academic personnel in general, the Office’s 365 University package is by far the best choice in terms of investment.

What else can we at Aperio-IT tell you about Office 365 University? Actually, there’s a lot more. If you still want to talk to us further about the package, contact us at 916-568-6830 or If you are working within an academic environment, consider taking hold of Microsoft Office apps like Microsoft Word, and other useful features, through Office’s 365 University.