How to choose the right managed IT services in Sacramento CA?

If you’re in the market for managed IT services in Sacramento CA then, in principle, you could be spoilt for choice. In practice, however, there can be very big differences in quality between various providers of managed-IT services in Sacramento CA so it pays to think and research a little before making your choice. With this in mind, here is a guide to help you choose the right managed-IT services in Sacramento CA.

Start by evaluating your goals

For many companies, especially SMBs, the main driver of a move towards managed-IT services in Sacramento CA is the desire to make technology work for them, rather than feeling that they’re always struggling to stay on top of it. Making technology work for you starts by being clear about what, exactly, it is that you want it to do and that starts with being clear about your company’s goals.

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Draw Up Your Shortlist Of Potential Vendors

If you interview every provider of managed-IT services in Sacramento CA, then you’re going to waste a whole lot of time and most of it will be yours. First of all, if you’re looking for managed IT services in Sacramento CA, then check that they are actually in Sacramento CA rather than just mentioning the place as one of the locations they serve so that they get listed on internet search results. 

Then look at the size of the company. Bigger isn’t always better, but for the most part, you want to avoid the super-small. Quite bluntly, effectively providing managed-IT services in Sacramento CA is very different from being the “local IT guy”, who pops out and fixes people’s computers. so there need to be enough people on the payroll to manage areas and you also need to know that you’ll be able to call on you’re managed IT services partner at any time, so there needs to be enough people on the payroll to manage holidays, illnesses, and other general absences.

If you are an SMB, then it’s a good idea to look for managed IT services companies, that have demonstrable experience in dealing with SMBs, and if you’re in specialist niches, especially a regulated one, then it’s best if they can show experience of dealing with your niche or, at the very least, understanding the factors which drive it, e.g. regulations.

Put together a meaningful request for proposals

One of the key points to understand is that even though a provider of managed IT services in Sacramento CA might offer the same range of services to all clients, the best of them will aim to customize their general portfolio to the requirements of each and every individual client. They can only do this effectively if you tell them clearly exactly what it is you would like for them and what sort of budget you have.

For the sake of completeness, it’s worth noting here that the best providers of managed-IT services in Sacramento CA will acknowledge your query promptly and will set an expectation regarding when you should expect to have a meaningful response. This may take longer than you expected (or perhaps would have liked) because they will need to consider what you want and create a proposal that is specific to your organization.

Ask for referrals

You may want to incorporate this into your request for proposals and you may find that if you do not providers of managed IT services in Sacramento CA will offer referral customers anyway, but if neither of those has happened so far, then you want to make a point of asking for them. Obviously, a company is only going to use its happiest customers as referrals, that’s just basic common sense, but at least it will show that it has managed to make at least some of its customers happy.

You may also want to look at online reviews, but, while these do have some value, the sad truth of the matter is that at this point in time fake reviews are big business and this can cut both ways. In other words, just as it’s now far from unheard of for companies to arrange fake positive reviews for themselves, it’s also far from unheard of for competitors to arrange fake negative reviews of their rivals. In short, if you’re going to use online reviews, read them with great care and be aware of the possibility that they’re fake.

Arrange interviews

Cliched as this may sound, never underestimate the importance of the human connection when choosing a managed IT service in Sacramento CA. Now, you get the right managed IT services in Sacramento.

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