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These days, it’s not enough just to have decent IT security. You need top-level IT security and for that, you need the best security service in Sacramento CA. With that in mind, here are some tips on how to find it.

What have You Seen About security service in Sacramento CA?

Define your own needs (and wants) clearly so you can see who can fulfill them

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Even though the general concepts of IT security are much the same wherever you go, as is often the case in life, details can make all the difference. Everyone’s IT architecture is a bit different from everyone else’s, therefore, everyone’s IT security needs (and wants) will be a bit different from everyone else’s. Additionally, some companies will need to comply with various data-security programs, e.g. HIPAA, PCI/DSS, and/or GDPR. Even if they don’t need to do so it can be helpful to work with a security service that can support these programs, partly because it shows competence and partly for future-proofing.

Understand what cost-effectiveness means to you

Similar comments apply here. The fact that everyone is a bit different from everyone else means that everyone will have their own ideas about cost-effectiveness. You just need to be clear about what they are. You also have to be realistic about the fact that implementing effective security does cost money and trying to cut corners often turns out to be a false economy and can lead to painful consequences.

Check their demonstrable level of expertise

Managed IT security is now a huge market, which means that standards can be very variable. On the one hand, there are a few security services in Sacramento CA that really are experts in their field and have the accreditations to prove it. On the other hand, there are some companies that have much better marketing and SEO skills than IT skills. In the middle, there are plenty of companies which are good but not great, certainly not the best. These last might be fine for private individuals and maybe even freelancers/solopreneurs, basically people who are not likely to be handling sensitive customer data, but they’re not likely to be suitable for SMBs.

Find out what technology/technologies they use

These days, the standard approach to effective IT security is to harness a range of monitoring tools to guard your IT systems 24/7 and to alert human staff whenever they detect a potential threat. You want to understand a potential managed security service provider that analyses data to detect threats and what happens afterward. You also want to know how they manage false positives. It’s just about inevitable that there will be a certain percentage of these, but you want to minimize it so as to minimize the time wasted on them.

Check out the user interface on the tools they provide

A good security service will basically take the raw data produced by security tools and translate it into meaningful and helpful information their clients can actually use. Ideally, you’ll want accesses which can be customized to the needs and wants of different types of staff.

For example, if your plan is to have your security service handle everything and just keep you in the loop about what they’re doing and why, then you might just want high-level access so that management can “follow along”. If, by contrast, your plan is to use a securities service to handle day-to-day issues, but have your in-house IT team handle anything else, e.g. incidents, then you’ll certainly need them to have access to logs, in fact you may even want them to have access to the raw logs.

Check their attitude to customer service

You’ll probably get a decent idea about this by looking at the user interface on the tools they provide. Basically, creating a decent user interface involves thinking about the user experience and that means understanding your customers and what they want. Ideally, however, you’ll want to verify this by interacting with some of their staff and/or speaking to some of their existing customers (preferably and).

These days, there are plenty of security services in Sacramento CA which have grasped the idea that IT and customer service are a natural partnership, so you don’t have to waste your time with anyone which still thinks it’s acceptable to be the security service where the customer is always wrong.

Vet their organizational stability

Essentially you want to know three key points. Firstly, how long have they been in business? Secondly, what do their financials say about their ability to manage their money (i.e. to stay in business)? Thirdly, do their staff seem happy and willing to stay with them over the long term? Make sure these are all clear before you sign any contracts.

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If you’re interested in speaking to one of the best security services in Sacramento CA, please click here now to contact Aperio.IT.

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