How to find the best security service online?

It’s probably going to take more than an online search to find the best security service for you, but these days, whenever people are looking for something (or someone), the internet is generally the place they start. With that in mind, here are some tips as to how to find the best security service online.

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1. Start by going local

In principle, you can use any service from (almost) anywhere in the world. In practice, there are all kinds of reasons for looking at security services that are in your country and quite a few for sticking with those which are in your actual state.

Most of these reasons revolve around the practicalities of being able to hold your security service provider accountable for their actions and, in particular, for the security of any data they are charged with protecting. Quite bluntly, it can be impossible to do this through the legal system in certain countries and prohibitively expensive in others. In theory, it should be relatively easy to take legal action against a company located in another U.S. state but in reality, even this can be expensive and inconvenient for the average SMB.

As a bonus, going local will give you more opportunities to build a strong relationship with your security service and may give you the option of on-site support if you need it.

2. Check which security services can provide the exact services you need (and want)

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Obviously, this means you’ll have to know the exact services you need (and want) and it’s very much recommended to define your needs and wants early in the proceedings and create a ranking system for the latter so you can prioritize them. This will enable you quickly to eliminate candidates who just can’t do what you need.

When you create this list, remember that changing between one security service provider and another can be a hassle you’d prefer to avoid, especially if all that’s “wrong” with your current provider is that they can’t provide a service you could reasonably have foreseen that you were going to need in the future, if you had just taken the time to think about it, for example, compliance with PCI/DSS or GDPR. This means it’s a good idea to think hard not just about what you need (and want) right now, but what you are reasonably likely to need (and want) five or even ten years into the future.

3. Take a closer look at their websites

Once you’ve established that a security service can do what you need (and want), take a good look around its website and see what you can learn from it. As a minimum, you should be able to tell if the security service can put together a decent website. It doesn’t have to look flashy, very few business websites do, but it should have a sensible interface so it’s easy to navigate, load quickly and give you enough information about the company for you to decide if you want to go further. In particular, you’re looking to find out how long it has been in business (generally longer is better), and whether you can tell anything about its financial stability (having your security service go out of business on you is not just inconvenient, it could be a security threat) and whether it looks like it has decent professional standards (for example accreditations).

4. Have a look around the wider internet and see what you can find

To be honest, this exercise isn’t necessarily as useful with online security services as it can be with other online services, because they aren’t usually going to have the same level of user reviews (although you can certainly ask for reference customers at a later date). On the other hand, it won’t do any harm and may be useful. Just remember to be a bit cautious about placing too much trust in isolated user reviews. Even if they’re real, they only reflect one person’s opinion and their outlook and situation may be very different from yours.

You might also want to have a look at their social media presence, if they have one you’ll probably find the relevant links on their website. This can help to give you a feel for their corporate culture.

5. Hit the “contact us” button for further information

By this point, you should have a feel as to whether or not an online security service could be a good partner for you, so your next step is to get in touch with one or more of your favorites to request further information.

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