Does your organization spend too much time and money managing and upgrading servers?

Do your end-users have the tools they need to easily collaborate with each other? Is your IT infrastructure able to keep up with demands from your end-users for larger
mailboxes and more storage? If your organization finds server upgrades too costly and spends too much time managing the servers, then Aperio IT has good news for you.

Microsoft Office 365, a cloud-based productivity service hosted by Microsoft and managed by Aperio IT, provides anywhere access to your familiar Office applications,
email, calendar, HD video conferencing, and most up-to-date documents across your devices—all for one predictable fee. With Office 365 your organization can take
advantage of the latest Office client and enterprise-ready tools on virtually any device—from laptops to tablets to smartphones—without having to upgrade your
organization’s servers. With a financially-backed 99.9% uptime guarantee, best-in-class virus and malware protection, automatic backup and server patches, and
geo-redundant data centers, Office 365 delivers business continuity that’s easy to set up and manage and doesn’t require upfront server costs. With Office 365 you get the best value to fit your changing needs as you grow your business.

Looking to expand, but not ready to pay for more servers? Frustrated with your current IT infrastructure’s inability to scale to meet your growing needs? Microsoft Office
365 delivers the latest enterprise productivity tools optimized for smaller businesses with no upfront server costs. A web-based admin console makes it easy for Aperio
IT’s IT professionals to add or remove users, manage email, set document-sharing policies, and control access to sites. Connected tools enable your end-users to get
answers more quickly and get more done—with features such as the ability to see everyone’s presence even on the phone, and get instant updates on newsfeeds for the people
and documents they are following. With SkyDrive Pro, end-users can save their work to the cloud by default, giving them an automatic backup, an easy way to share
documents, and the ability to sync with your devices for offline access. Office 365 delivers the best value for the technology that can help your organization thrive.

Your organization took the first step of embracing the cloud by using hosted mail. But how confident are you that your organization’s information is
protected against data loss? Do your end-users have effective tools to collaborate with each other and with your organization’s customers? Microsoft Office 365 is a
cloud-based productivity service hosted by Microsoft and managed by Aperio IT. It provides highly secure, anywhere access to your familiar Office applications, email,
calendar, video conferencing, and most up-to-date documents across your end-user devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. End-users can simply sign in and
confidently access their files and personal settings. Seamlessly connected tools help your organization easily communicate and collaborate with colleagues, partners,
and customers, keeping end-users productive and connected wherever they are. To protect your end-users data, Office 365 includes always up-to-date spam and malware
protection, and business continuity features such as continuous data backup, geo-redundant data centers, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Office 365 provides the
best-in-class productivity services to help your organization to stay focused on day-to-day business while taking full advantage of what the cloud has to offer.

Benefits Of Services

Eliminate email threats before they reach your organization’s network. Exchange actively protects your organization’s communications with
built-in defenses against
email threats. Multi-layered anti-spam filtering comes with continuous updates to help guard against increasingly sophisticated spam and phishing threats, while
multiple anti-malware engines work to protect your end-users email data from viruses.

Give your users an intuitive, touch-enabled inbox experience on just about any device. Enable your end-users to get more done from
anywhere with an inbox that provides
an uncluttered experience. In Office 365, the relevant and important information is optimized for different form-factors. The same thoughtful design found in the
Outlook desktop interface has been applied to both the browser and mobile interfaces.

Aperio IT can move your organization to the cloud on your terms with flexible options including Exchange hybrid deployment. This means
whether you want to onboard to
the cloud overnight or manage a hybrid deployment with mailboxes on-premises and online, we can meet your organizations needs. Aperio IT can provide your end-users
with a seamless experience including sharing calendars and scheduling meetings between on-premises and online users and limit user disruption when user mailboxes are
smoothly moved across environments. Remain in control in the cloud by testing out upcoming enhancements with support for upgrade previews.

Enable your users to collaborate on projects, get up to speed quickly on teams they join, and share information easily. Want to make it
easier for your end-users to
manage team and project communications? Want to allow your end-users to see old communications on a project as soon as they join, have access to the current versions of
their team documents, and access that information right from within Outlook? We provide your ends-users with powerful new tools to be productive on their teams and
provide you with the ability to manage information in the locations in which this information was meant to be stored. Co-authoring, document storage, and versioning are
handled by SharePoint while messaging is handled by Exchange with a complete user experience within Outlook.

Bring all of your contacts together in one place. Peoples professional networks span many different places. Your organization will have
the ability to enable
end-users to bring their contacts in from other networks so that they have all of their information in one place. Exchange will even find the same person across
networks and consolidate their information into one contact card, avoiding duplication and multiple contact cards with different information.

How well do your organization’s current tools support todays mobile and flexible work style? How often do your end-users have difficulty accessing their
tools? Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based productivity service hosted by Microsoft. It provides anywhere access to your familiar Office applications, business-class
email, calendar, video conferencing, and shared documents across your end-users devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

End-users can now sign in to Office to access the latest version of your documents and settings on the go. With SkyDrive Pro, end-users can save their
work to the
cloud by default, giving them an automatic backup, an easy way to share documents, and the ability to sync with your devices for offline access. To help protect your
organizations data, Office 365 includes always up-to-date spam and malware protection, and business continuity features such as continuous data backup, geo-redundant
data centers, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Office 365 simplifies deployment with click-to-run technology that installs Office quickly and runs side by side with older
versions of Office. Office 365 gives your organization enterprise-class productivity services at an affordable price to help modernize your organization’s
infrastructure with the control you need.

SharePoint and Aperio IT can quickly help organizations solve challenges of lost productivity caused by disconnected teams, slow turnarounds, untapped or
expertise, and even outdated IT systems that are difficult to scale. SharePoint and Aperio IT offer across-the-board features to help your organization share and store
ideas and information. With everything from streamlining common tasks to powering business intelligence, SharePoint makes it easy to keep track of what your colleagues
are doing.

Share ideas, content, and vision through robust and intuitive social features, document libraries, activity feeds, and Microsoft SkyDrive Proa part of SharePoint.

Organize teams and asks with simplified systems for tracking information, setting permissions, and sharing sites and exchanging documents both inside and outside of your organization.

Discover answers and insights by taking better advantage of the data and expertise you already have.

Build the portals, applications, and sites your business needswithout requiring custom developmentwith the new SharePoint app model and simplified intranet design.

Manage costs and meet the demands of compliance with SharePoints efficient file input/output, reporting, and analytics features.

Aperio IT has deep experience with SharePoint. Our IT Professionals can give you a firsthand look at the capabilities in the latest version of SharePoint and discuss how its unique strengths can be used to support your end-users and grow your organization.

Give your end-users the flexibility to work anywhere they need to be. As the line between our personal lives and business lives blurs, more people are working from home, the office, and on the road. This flexibility can create significant business benefits by fostering happier, more productive employees. But it can also create IT management headaches and data security risks, such as company data being vulnerable if laptops are lost or stolen.

Now Aperio IT can provide your end-users with the freedom to do business nearly anywhere they need to be, while providing you with the peace of mind that comes from a platform that helps protect your organization’s data. Additionally, Aperio IT can give your end-users the flexibility to work wherever they need to be, while offering a consistent, personalized experience across PCs and mobile devices. With Windows 10, your end-users get their familiar desktop experience across a wide assortment of computing devices, including PCs, laptops, tablets, and convertibles. They can sign in with their Microsoft accounts on their Windows 10 PCs and devices, where theyll immediately see their own background, display preferences, and settings.

Using Windows Server 2012 R2, Aperio IT can provide easy remote access to on-site applications, such as accounting and CRM, while you still have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your companys data is kept on-site, not on laptops or mobile devices. Instead, sensitive data is stored on your own server, where it is backed up and always up-to-date. Your users will be able to respond quickly to your organization’s customer needs to win sales and set your organization apart. Fast, mobile access to information can be a major differentiator when servicing customers. Whether accessing customer data, a project plan, or a sales proposal, your end-users need to know they can get the latestwherever they are. Office 365 brings together the familiar Office apps with cloud services like email, file sharing, and HD video conferencing. This means that your organization’s sales team can reliably access their productivity tools and current documents across devices, while traveling or at a customer site, and their personalized settings will roam with them.

Microsoft Lync Office 365 is an enterprise-ready unified communications platform that connects people everywhere, on Windows 10 and other devices, as part of their everyday productivity experience. Lync provides a consistent, single client experience for presence, instant messaging, voice, video and meetings. Microsoft Lync Office 365 supports multiparty HD video conferencing, modern touch first capabilities for fast and natural communications, and work anywhere scenarios that do not require a VPN for encryption. Microsoft Lync Office 365 end-users can connect to anyone on Skype, enabling rich communication with hundreds of millions of people around the world.

Stay in touch anywhere: Lync enables users to communicate securely anywhere they have network connectivity and automatically adapts to network conditions.

Use the device you want: Lync makes communicating easier with a consistent and familiar experience available on Windows PCs, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android smartphones. The new immersive Lync app for Windows 10 and Windows RT provides a seamless touch-first experience.

Communicate in the right way: Lync unifies voice and video calls, Lync Meetings, presence, and instant messaging (IM) in one easy-to-use client, making it simple to choose and switch between different forms of communication.

Connect with the outside world: Lync Federation extends unified communications securely over the Internet to customers, suppliers, and partners using Lync or Skype.

Take advantage of standards-based HD video: Lync uses open standards including H.264 SVC to provide a high-quality video experience on a wide range of devices.

Make virtual meetings more effective: See up to 5 meeting participants simultaneously with new multiparty HD video support. You can choose who to see or let Lync choose for you.

Easily join meetings: Joining a Lync Meeting requires only a single touch or click on smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Extend Lync Meetings outside your organization with browser-based access: The Lync Web App allows PC and Mac users to join a Lync Meeting from a browser and delivers a full Lync Meeting experience including instant messaging, voice, multiparty video, data collaboration and sharing.

Take notes in OneNote: OneNote Share allows users in to create and share OneNote digital meeting notes within Lync Meetings.

Quickly and intuitively find the best way to communicate: Quick Lync is a menu that appears over a contact in the Lync contact list and shows available communication modes.