Top 10 Managed Security Service Providers

Steps To Find Top Managed Security Services

By now hopefully, everyone involved in business will be aware that cybersecurity is a big deal and in all probability, it’s only going to become an even bigger deal throughout the future. (Hopefully, everyone in the private world is aware of this too). The bad news is that it can be hard for businesses, especially SMBs, to manage their security effectively. The good news is that managed security service providers can solve this problem in a very cost-effective manner.

How To Find Managed Security Service Provider?

With that in mind, here are five steps to finding one of the top 10 managed security service providers in Sacramento.

1. First of all, work out who are the managed security service providers in Sacramento

Managed Security Service Providers

Once you start looking on the internet for potential managed security service providers in Sacramento, you’ll probably discover that the results are a mixture of the managed security service provider in Sacramento (or at least near Sacramento) and managed security service provider which just happens to offer services in the Sacramento area. This may not be a huge deal if you’re sure you’re only looking for remote support, but remember that it may create an (expensive) inconvenience if you change your mind later.

2. Check out the hard facts about the companies you find online

Once you’ve ascertained that a managed security service provider really is in Sacramento, there are a few more facts you definitely want to find out quickly, and both are usually displayed clearly on their website. The first is how long they’ve been in business, this is most likely to be on the “About Us” page or the home page. 

The second is what their range of services is (hopefully by this point you’ve already determined your needs and wants, if not, then you might want to pull up and do that now, so you can tell quickly if a Managed Security Service Providers is capable of doing what you need/want them to do). The third is whether they have any recognized accreditations.

Checking these facts will probably filter down your list quite a bit and if you want to filter the list down even further, you could try having a look on the internet to see what sort of vibe you pick up. Just be careful of giving too much weight to individual reviews.

3. Get some general information from prospective companies

You may be able to find out everything you want to know from the various websites, but it’s more likely you’ll want some further information. Generally, the quickest and easiest way to do this is just to contact the companies and ask them to fill you in on their pricing details and to provide general details of what is offered in each pricing category. 

Unless you’ve reduced your list of potential managed security service providers in Sacramento to a really small number of candidates, you probably want to hold off on getting detailed proposals as these will take time both to prepare and to understand. They will take even longer if you haven’t mapped out your needs and wants clearly, so if you are yet to do this, then make it one of your top priorities.

4. Send a request for proposal to the companies with the most promising offerings

This is the point where you start to dig into the details and the clearer and more precise you can be about your needs and wants, the easier it will be for the potential managed security service providers to address them. Having said that, it’s very rare for even the best proposals to be absolutely on the money when they are first submitted. They are usually fine-tuned during the last step of this process.

5. Speak directly to the best candidate(s)

While it’s understandable that some companies may feel that they need to interview at least two or three different candidates, the truth is that this last stage is all about quality, not quantity. If one candidate clearly stands out from the others, then it can be fairest to everyone just to interview them on their own first and, if necessary, be ready to call in some of the others if, for whatever reason, they prove unsuitable.

This last stage in the proceedings is a very important one as it is your last opportunity to clarify anything (and everything) with your potential managed security service provider before you put pen to paper. This very much includes making sure that your prospective managed security service provider has the customer-service skills to match their technical skills.

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