Types of Managed IT

Small and medium businesses find it hard to invest in managed IT services due to additional business expenses. But what they fail to see are the cost savings they will benefit from in availing of managed IT services.

The need to cut costs in IT repairs and delays in production brought us managed IT services. It has proven that prevention is an effective strategy for cost efficiency and is the best way to maintain your business. Thus, managed IT services became a necessity for well-established businesses. However, small and medium businesses don’t have enough budget. Solution? Include managed IT solutions in your budget.

There is nothing to lose when you avail of managed IT services. In business, this is a smart investment. So, here are the different types of managed IT services that can help you cut costs and ensure efficient business operations.

Common Types of Managed IT services for your Business Needs

  • Networks and Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Support Services
  • Software-as-a-Service

Types of Managed IT

1.Networks and Infrastructure

The most common type of managed IT services is secure networks and infrastructure. The managed IT service provider owns a data center, so clients don’t need to invest in one. Infrastructure is an expensive investment. Thus, small and medium businesses find it difficult to get one. Therefore, they receive less managed IT service, unlike big companies.

Managed IT services for networks and infrastructure not only help cut costs but also ensure that the services are efficient. These services include managed web hosting, managed backup service, WANs, and LANs. The security and IT support that they provide for your business help keep it up and running.


There are several managed IT services for security. These include all measures that keep your system safe from threats and attacks. Small and medium businesses are usually the targets of cybercrimes because they don’t usually invest in managed IT security due to their limited budget. Unfortunately, relying on luck to keep your system safe is like losing a gamble.

Availing managed IT security is practical and worth it. When a business has managed IT security service, they are safe from all known viruses and malware. For unregistered threats, the security service ensures a quick response. This response will identify, eliminate threats, and mitigate damages. This will control the possible effects of exposure in the system.

Managed IT security includes pre and post-detection security measures. They also have the technology to isolate threats and prevent system infection. Most importantly, their dedicated team has all hands on deck 24/7 to ensure that your business is secure at all times.

3.Support Services

Managed IT services are effective because of managed IT support. All types of managed IT won’t be possible without the manpower that provides a 24/7 service. Small and medium businesses need knowledgeable people who can take care of the system for 24 hours. This is the usual dilemma in companies that can’t afford security experts to manage their systems.

Small and medium businesses can get this job done. This is possible even without hiring experts. They only need to pay a flat monthly fee. Then, the best-managed IT service provider will delegate the task to a reliable security team. They will ensure that the team will carry out the task.

One of the services included in managed IT support is the help desk. They provide real-time assistance when technical problems occur. They also offer a 24/7 solution to any IT difficulty you might encounter.

Software-as-a-Service refers to the managed IT applications that businesses use in order to efficiently function for better productivity. The most basic managed IT service includes the software that can transform the usual production flow into a network-assisted, internet-powered one. This will provide mobility, promote collaboration, enforce transparency, and secure the quality of products and services.

This type of managed IT service is effective for small and medium businesses that need to digitize their production flow, without compromising the usual process of their industrial process. Adding software simply makes things easier for the business to monitor the process in production, provide needed intervention within the process, and assess the quality of output after the flow.

Find the managed IT solutions that will best fit your business needs. Knowing what you need is a leap towards getting the managed IT services you deserve. Call us at Aperio IT and get the best solution for your business needs. Just dial 916-568-6830 now!

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